Portable Toilet Stories: ‘Do You Remember that Time?’

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, when it’s all over you hope that everyone who was there will be glad that they attended. This is true whether you’re planning a big event like a music festival or a smaller gathering like a party at home. But when the event is more personal, you’ll be even more invested in attendees’ perception of how it went. No one wants someone leaving their grad party or wedding in disappointment or disgust. These are very personal types of occasions that reflect on the people they’re celebrating. But whether people have a good time or bad time, they’ll talk about it. And they’ll tell others about the details, nonetheless. This is especially true when it comes to the facilities. So, the question is, when attendees think about the bathrooms at your event and say, “Do you remember that time?” will they be sharing good portable toilet stories or bad ones?

Good Memories

Event attendees love luxury restroom trailers!

We realize that sounds strange to say, but it’s true! When we’re delivering luxury restrooms for events or showing them at Michigan expos and tradeshows, people stop to admire them. We’ve even had people pose for pictures inside the trailers!

The unexpectedly elegant features create an upscale feeling that no one anticipates when they go looking for the bathroom. This kind of luxury makes them the center of conversation at the event and even afterwards.

Once a lady told us that she went to a fancy farm-to-table dinner event because she had heard rave reviews about the menus they featured. Afterwards, she couldn’t say enough good things about the luxury portable restroom she used for the first time while there. And the food? She couldn’t remember what she even ate that night!

People don’t usually expect to find flushing toilets, running hot/cold water, and climate controlled interiors from portable toilets. So, when they discover these amenities inside of a luxury portable restroom, they’re delighted to have this kind of familiar functionality. Then, the little details like the recessed lighting, wooden cabinetry, and accent rugs excite people and get them talking about “that amazing bathroom they used.” The result is some very pleased portable toilet stories that people can pass along to their friends and family.

Bad Memories

Unfortunately, on the flip side, some people have some especially awful portable toilet stories to share as well. You know the experiences we’re talking about – overflowing waste, strong odors, damaged or tipped over units. These are the kinds of things you can’t forget, and you’re sure to tell other people about in repulsion.  

No one wants their event to be the venue where someone had a disgusting thing happen that they’ll remember forever. Avoid being center stage in a portable toilet horror story! Rent the right kind and quantity of toilets for your event and choosing a reputable portable toilet supplier. An experienced portable restroom company will help you determine what will work best for your needs, how many toilets you should rent, and where they should be placed. Depending on the length of the event, they may also service them. This ensures they stay clean and well stocked throughout the entirety of your event.

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