Tough Porta-Potties Specially Equipped for Construction Sites

Equipping your job site with a clean construction porta potty boosts morale and efficiency. Offering on-site construction portable toilets means workers don’t have to think about where to find a public restroom or leave the jobsite to take a bathroom break. Kerkstra’s crane rack portable toilets can be lifted by crane anywhere they are needed and our roller units have lockable wheels so they’re easy to transport in a construction elevator. Find out more about construction portable toilet rentals today!

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We work hard to make your event’s restroom situation as memorable (in a good way) as possible.

Improve Employee Morale On the Job Site With Construction Porta Potties

For every 8 employees working a 40 hour week we recommend 1 construction porta potty, placed 75 to 100 feet from the actual work area. Want to up your on-the-job restroom game? Our restroom trailers allow use by 2-10 people at the same time comfortably in any weather. 

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Our Recommended Rentals

Here are some of our recommended rental options for construction. Want to see all rental options? Check out all of our luxury restroom trailers or all of our rentals.