Simple Porta-Potty Solutions For Agricultural G.A.P. Compliance

Good food is important. So are clean hands. When it comes to Good Agricultural Practices or G.A.P. inspection, we know front-line prevention and good documentation can save a lot of hassle. Distant restrooms can lead to relaxed sanitation practices, which can lead to contamination that is harder to catch and fix further down the line. That’s why Kerkstra provides G.A.P. portable toilets with all the necessities for G.A.P. compliance and inspection.


We’re committed to Good Agricultural Practices for your agricultural restroom needs.

Kerkstra Is Your Trusted Partner To Ensure G.A.P. Compliance and Prevent Contamination

Handwashing stations with English and Spanish signage to encourage proper washing. Mobile trailer units to make sanitation convenient. Routine maintenance to ensure cleanliness and comfort. Complete service records for easy G.A.P. compliance. We’ve done our research and are proud to provide a complete solution with our G.A.P. portable toilets. Let Kerkstra handle your agricultural porta-potty needs.

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