Portable Restrooms for Farm Workers

We get a lot of questions about portable restrooms for farm workers. Designed for regular use by farmers, pickers, and other staff, Agricultural restrooms aren’t your ordinary portable toilets. Their trailer design makes them easy to move and service as workers transition between locations. Thorough hand washing and well-maintained service records combine to ensure GAP compliance.

GAP Compliance

GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices – a set of regulations aimed at ensuring food safety. These are a set of principles concerned with preventing food contamination during picking, harvesting, and packaging. The idea is to prevent contamination before it occurs to maintain consumer confidence in crops and avoid the financial hit from product loss and costly decontamination efforts.

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Rental Options

Single ground units with a sink provide a basic GAP compliant solution for smaller operations, while trailer units provide the flexibility that larger scale operations will need. Single trailer units and double trailer units also have sinks, spill charts, service records, bilingual signage, and other GAP necessities. Discuss with your local portable toilet supplier which portable restrooms for farm workers are best. They can work with your budget and needs to determine what will fit your farming operation most effectively.

Visitor Portable Restrooms

Farm workers aren’t the only ones who need restrooms while on the farm. Visitors coming to farm stands and for u-pick crops also need restroom facilities provided. While typical agricultural restrooms would be unnecessary in these instances, regular porta potties serve this function well. Having standalone units placed strategically over visitor areas ensures that everyone will have the facilities needed when they need them. For larger events more units can be rented to create a portable toilet bank, reducing wait times in lines and improving visitor satisfaction.

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