Portable Hand-Washing Stations are a Must for Events

Keep you outdoor events squeaky clean with portable hand-washing stations! They are a must for your next event. 

Outdoor event planning can be stressful, and everyone has a memory of a porta-potty that they would rather forget. One way to flip the narrative on unsanitary portable restrooms is to provide your guests with areas to wash and sanitize their hands.

Offering these stations also offers many different benefits, including: 

  1. Preventing the spread of germs. You don’t want your event to be remembered as the venue where everyone left sick, do you? Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of infectious germs and illnesses. Offering hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations can significantly reduce the chance of contamination at events.  
  2. Meeting public health and safety regulations. Depending on the type of event, you might be required to provide hand-washing stations. 
  3. Making your guests feel comfortable. Easy access to hand-washing and sanitizing stations can help to make people feel more comfortable while attending an event. 
  4. Showing guests you care about their health and safety. Providing many different areas for people to wash their hands at an event demonstrates that, as the organizer, you truly care about preventing illness and want your guests to enjoy the event worry-free! 

At Kerkstra, we offer both hand sanitizer and hand-washing station rental add-ons! Our hand sanitizer station uses an alcohol-based gel that meets OSHA requirements and kills 99% of most common germs. Our hand-washing station allows two people to wash hands simultaneously, provides soap and hand towel dispensers, and is operated with a foot pump. We also offer luxury trailer rentals that feature running sinks and flushing toilets for added comfort and cleanliness.  

We’re More Than Standard Potties! 

At Kerkstra, we are in the business of setting new standards. Our units are delivered clean and are regularly maintained. We aim to make your portable restroom rental memory a pleasant one. Call (616) 662-2677 to get your personalized quote and start planning your squeaky clean event today!