Porta Potty Rentals for Fall Events: What to Expect

With so much uncertainty heading into the rest of this year in terms of what health and safety protocols will look like, how should you approach planning a fall event? We obviously don’t have some secret insight into what’s coming next. But here’s our best bet of what to expect, especially in terms of porta potty rentals for fall events:

Masking Will be Spotty

Regardless of which side of the mask debate you fall on, I think we can all agree that it’s likely going to make some sort of appearance this fall. Once again, schools, restaurants, offices, and public venues will all be making decisions about what will be required. You’ll likely see a mix of people donning masks and going mask-less. It will be up to individual venues and event coordinators to decide what kinds of policies they’ll want to adopt. In some locations, state or local mandates may make these choices for them. As geographic lines are drawn, you will likely see some events shifting. Locations may change to fit their clientele’s preferences around masking.

If your event is going to be moving to West Michigan and needs a portable restroom service, let us know. We anticipate being very busy with outdoor events this fall/winter.

Outdoor Events will Reign Again

Last fall we saw more outdoor events than ever before. And people in cold climates did the unthinkable – opted to brave the cold for experiences that are typically held indoors. Dining went outdoors to patios with space heaters in the fall and igloo-like huts in the winter. In this spirit, quant semi-permanent spaces were erected throughout the winter. These gave people places to congregate while enjoying a drink or bite to eat. With social media to remind people of how much fun they had last year, expect that they’ll be back. Local businesses will try to capture those picture-worthy moments again this year,

Events like apple picking and sledding that are naturally held outdoors drew even bigger crowds. These types of outdoor family-favorites became more popular than ever in recent history. Porta potty rentals for fall events and winter happenings surged in 2020. They likely will again this year to provide people a place to do their business while enjoying the outdoors.

Clean Hands will Still be Paramount

At this point everyone is America is likely aware of the fact that you should wash your hands for 20 seconds because there seem to be signs everywhere. The posters and reminders may be unnecessary (and kind of annoying) at this point. But the emphasis on clean hands is probably not going anywhere. Expect to see even more hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations at public events. These additions are easy to implement. And they really do keep people safer by protecting them from all sorts of germs during cold and flu season. So, keep your eyes peeled while out in public for these quick opportunities to get clean and help prevent the spread of disease.

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