Porta Potty Pranks that Go Too Far

As a portable toilet supplier, we see lots of strange things related to toilet paper, bodily functions, and people making questionable decisions. However, across the nation recently there has been an uptick in porta potty pranks that go too far. People have been doing terrible things with porta potties lately. They have been setting off fireworks inside, abandoning animals in them, and stealing them. So, before you make a bad decision, please stop, and think! Otherwise, you could ruin more than just a portable toilet unit.


The person who set off fireworks in a porta potty probably thought he was going to destroy a toilet unit. He didn’t care too much about doing so because it didn’t belong to him. But in doing so, the fireworks caused fire damage to the nearby building as well. Now, no one was hurt because no one was in the building at the time of the fire. However, there very easily could been someone there working or surveilling the premises. That person could have gotten injured or killed by the resulting fire.

However, it’s not just felony-level acts that can pose serious safety risks. Pranks like tipping over a porta potty have been committed for eons. But they too are very dangerous! If someone is inside, the person can break bones when falling unexpectedly. They can get chemical burns, suffer vision loss, or get seriously ill if human waste is dumped on them. And even if no one is inside, dumping the contents all over the ground is never a safe idea. That is why our crews work so hard to contain the contents when servicing units.

Simply put, if a prank is dangerous, don’t do it! Injuring or killing someone unintentionally while pulling a prank is something you won’t be able to easily walk away from. Please prioritize your own safety and the safety of others.


When people vandalize porta potties or use them as a pawn in their prank, they often fail to realize that doing so is a crime – a serious crime. A portable restrooms costs thousands of dollars to replace. That means that if you destroy one, charges will be pressed for property damage. Taking a portable toilet or ruining one costs the company, individual, or organization that owns it a lot of money. And they are not likely to just let it go because you were trying to be funny. You will be prosecuted for vandalizing, damaging, or stealing a portable restroom. And if your prank involves pets or wild animals, that’s even worse. You are likely going to be charged for that as well.

Your best bet? Stay away from portable toilet-related pranks. You never know when a funny antic is going to turn into something more serious. Don’t risk your livelihood over a joke that could go too far.


When you render a portable toilet unusable (whether permanently or temporarily) it can’t be used by the people it was intended to service. Whether it’s event-goers, nature explorers, jobsite workers, or the area’s homeless population, you have taken something vital form people who really need it. Don’t take away something so basic to others’ human dignity. If there’s a porta potty there, it’s there for a reason. Respect your fellow human beings by leaving it alone!

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