Porta Potties and Restroom Trailers – The Showdown

Some of the most common questions we get are:
“Which is better for my event – a restroom trailer or porta potties?”
“What makes luxury restroom trailers so special?”
“Are luxury restrooms worth the extra cost?”

So, it’s time for the ultimate showdown between porta potties and restroom trailers! We’ll look at what makes each type of portable restroom solution special and let you know which types of events they are best suited for year-round.

Porta potties and restroom trailers – it’s on! Get ready for the ultimate showdown…

Porta Potties


The main advantage of renting porta potties is the cost. They are an affordable way to provide restrooms for outdoor events of all sizes. The larger the event, the better the value because there are cost savings associated with adding additional units to fill a truck. Depending on how many you need to rent, you may also be able to obtain a volume discount.


Large events need a scalable restroom solution to accommodate many guests quickly. Nothing can kill an event faster than making people wait in long lines for bathrooms (especially family-friendly events). Porta potty banks provide a bunch of bathrooms in one area to get guests in and out quickly, preventing lines and improving satisfaction.
Furthermore, for events that cover a wide range, single unit bathrooms provide the opportunity to spread bathrooms out over a sizeable area for more convenience. The result is a scalable solution for big corporate functions and community events.


Unlike restrooms trailers, which have unique feature sets and appearances, standard porta potties are all interchangeable. Subsequently, their availability is virtually unlimited. You can typically pick the date you want and the number of portable toilets you need and find a portable toilet supplier that can serve your needs. Luxury restrooms, however, usually need to be booked much further in advance to ensure availability.

Luxury Restroom Trailers


Restroom trailers provide world-class comfort. They are the most luxurious versions of portable restrooms that you will find anywhere. With climate-controlled interiors, they are comfortable to use in all seasons regardless of the weather. Flushing toilets and running hot/cold water add to the comfort for guests also, while spacious interiors cater to the needs of guests of all ages and abilities. The supreme comfort enjoyed inside of luxury portable restrooms makes them a wonderful choice for a wide variety of events where guest needs trump budgetary restrictions.


Porta potties are functional, but not particularly pleasing on the eyes. Luxury portable restrooms, however, look almost as nice on the exterior as they do on the interior. Exteriors look clean and sleek while interiors are outfitted in variety of themes (rustic barn, modern, traditional, etc.). Most boast wooden cabinetry, wide mirrors, recessed lighting, and low-level exterior lighting. Some even have hanging wall art, accent rugs, and faux flowers to complete the look. The aesthetics make luxury portable toilets perfect for outdoor weddings, black tie events, fundraisers, and private parties.


As if indoor toilet-type features like flushing toilets and running water weren’t enough amenities to set restroom trailers apart, homestyle comforts like air conditioning/heat and pleasing lighting are the kinds of amenities that will keep guests talking. Spacious countertops and large mirrors provide guests with the ability to get ready and freshen up properly during formal events like weddings. Shower trailers even provide the same amenities that you would find in your home master bathroom, making them perfect for sporting events, extended outdoor festivals, and camping trips.

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