Porta-Potties for Sporting Events: A Match Made in Heaven

We may be biased, but we definitely think porta-potties for sporting events are a match made in heaven! Hear us out on this one…

Porta-Potty Use Facilitated Tailgating Culture

Prior to their nationwide roll-out in the 1970s, sports spectators would need to hold it or just go outside. In those days, portable toilets of any kind were hard to come by, no matter where you were. It was common to see people going behind their cars before an event. Once porta john usage became widespread, attendance at sporting events got larger rapidly. Professional sports really took off! Additionally, fans started coming to games earlier. They were making an entire day of it by tailgating before and after the game. In fact, tailgating become its own sporting sub-culture. It attracted people who were as much interested in spending time with friends as they were in sports.

Portable Toilets Made Sporting Events More Family-Friendly

With bathrooms close by at all times, families could start attending sports events in-person even with young children. This also allows parents to continue their passion for their favorite sports teams with their children. Now the next generation of sports fans is coming along. This further fostered the emerging tailgating culture. It allows fans of all ages to take part in the festivities taking place in conjunction with sports events. The result has been even more entertainment occurring in conjunction with sports to attract other viewer demographics – concerts, parades, etc.

Portable Bathrooms Led to the Rise of Sports Tournaments

These days kids and adults alike participating in outdoor sports like soccer, baseball, and lacrosse are accustomed to playing in sports tournaments. And when it comes to youth sports, parents are definitely used to attending and cheering on their kids at these sporting rites of passage. But without reliable restrooms, tournaments could never occur because most venues nationwide do not have the budgets to install permanent bathrooms. It’s only with the help of porta-potties that people’s basic needs can be met so that they can camp out on the field for hours on end or days at a time. Porta-potties for sporting events are the unsung hero of league play tournaments all across the US.

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