Planning a Rustic Winter Wedding

Pinterest and Instagram are filled with great winter wedding ideas, some of which are more attainable than others. We’ve serviced so many weddings across throughout the years with our luxury restroom trailers, that we’re pretty much experts when it comes to weighing in on seasonal wedding trends. We know what looks great and impresses guests without blowing your budget or causing needless stress.

Here are out top favorite rustic winter wedding ideas:

  • Wood

Shiplap and wooden board signs have been a very hot trend over the past few years and they’re gaining more popularity all the time!

Decorative wooden signs add more than just rustic statement pieces, they’re also functional – directing guests to important areas like the bar, bathroom, gift table, and so on! Due to their durable nature, they can also be used outside to help cue guests into where to park and how to get to the main entrance of your venue.

Barn wedding venues and other rustic locales typically already have these types of signs for you to use.

  • Outdoor Seasonal Accents

Bringing the outside in is a common theme across all seasons! Many engaged couples choose to incorporate outdoor touches in bouquets, centerpiece arrangements, and more. If you’re planning a winter wedding, you can accomplish this by using ice, pinecones, pine tree boughs, and bare branches. Whether you bring in a large ice sculpture and full-sized Christmas tree, or just use small accents throughout the venue, guests will notice these fun elements.

  • Antique Lighting

The beauty of winter weddings really shines in the use of lighting choices to set a cozy ambiance. Light sources like Edison bulbs, lanterns, and candles act as a rustic throwback while creating an inviting and warm feel to any wedding!

  • Creative Dessert Ideas

The hottest wedding trend right now is skipping the wedding cake in favor of more creative dessert choices. Having s’mores for guests or offering a hot chocolate bar with mason jars is a great way to add some flair to your winter wedding while keeping the rustic feel. If you want to go a little more traditional, you can opt for a variety of beautiful homemade pies.

Guests come to a wedding with the expectation of receiving cake, so surprising them with another option is a surefire way to excite them!

  • Cozy Mismatches

Pairing different patterns and colors is a great way to add a mismatched rustic touch to your décor. You can also experiment with different textures like fur and suede to give your winter wedding a unique look that your guests will remember.

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