Planning a Last-Minute Party this Summer

So, you want to have a get-together… at the last minute? Who can blame you? The summer is the best time of the year for impromptu gatherings. There’s something about the laid-back spontaneous feel of the summer that will make you want to call or text your friends and family and tell them to come over for some fun. If you want to get your party on right away, don’t waste any time! Here’s what you need when planning a last-minute party that your guests will remember:

Get the Essentials

Fancy entertaining is great – well-planned menus, show-stopping entertainment, and meticulous little details are sure to wow guests. But if you’re planning a last-minute party, focus on the essentials – food, drinks, and outdoor necessities. Ensure that guests will be fed and hydrated as well as provided with key items like sunscreen, life vests, and corn hole bags. You can always ask anyone coming to bring their own add-ons too. For instance, throw some meat on the grill and ask everyone to bring their own fixings and a side or salad dish to pass. Provide what you need and make do without the rest.

Focus on People

The best parties don’t need much to keep guests happy – just laughs and quality time together. Focus on getting the people who matter most to show up and just let the rest fall into place. Years from now no one will remember the food at a party, but they’ll remember the good times that they had with the people that they love.

Keep it Casual

A party shouldn’t be a headache. When picking up or ordering food and other party essentials, keep it casual – especially when kids are involved. Let the best parts of summer shine at your party – sun, sand, water, lawn games, and sweet fruity everything. Don’t overcomplicate things!

If you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning your house, ensure guests will stay outside by renting a portable restroom trailer to give them top-notch facilities to use without ever having to set foot inside. This is a great way to provide bathrooms and hand washing stations to keep guests happy and sanitary. As a bonus, most luxury restroom trailers also provide more capacity than your home bathrooms would anyways, ensuring lines don’t form during larger gatherings.

Save Time

Look for hacks to save as much time as possible. Buy precut fruit, deli sandwich trays, premixed drinks, prepared dips, and other time-saving options. Take the same approach when it comes to lawn fun. Get bulk water balloon fillers, spray can chalk to lay down lines for volleyball, and other handy outdoor inventions. Your guests will thank you!

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