How to Plan a Micro Wedding

Getting tips on how to plan a micro wedding is a hot topic online right now for social distancing reasons. Some couples are choosing to scale back their wedding celebrations for personal reasons or individual health concerns. Other couples will be getting married in locations that have local or state regulations in place restricting gathering sizes. If you’ll be saying “I do” in a place with frequently changing health mandates limiting event size, stay up-to-date. Understand what the most recent information indicates and plan your wedding accordingly. Stay flexible with your plans as you think through your guest list, menu, vendors, and little extra special touches.    

Guest List

Remember, your “big day” doesn’t have to be big to make it memorable. In fact, going smaller can make it even more special because you’ll be celebrating with just your best friends and closest family.

A micro wedding typically has no more than 25 guests. Depending on where you’re located, right now you may not be able to have an event with more than 100, 50, 30, or even 12 people. Whittling down the guest list this much can be the hardest part of planning a micro wedding. Focus on inviting the people you really want there to share in this special moment with you – not who you think you should invite or who you think will need to be included to avoid family drama or friend politics.


Wondering how to plan a micro wedding with some serious style and star power? Get creative with the menu!

Planning a wedding menu can be a stressful undertaking because you must balance the kind of foods you want with what your budget can allow. However, a micro wedding is smaller so you can go big on food and drinks and still keep the cost much lower than a traditional wedding. The result? Your dream menu! Premium entrees, farm-fresh produce, artisan beverages, fancy cocktails, locally-sourced baked goods, and elegant pastries – get everything you want that fits your own tastes without having to worry whether all of your friends, family, and their guests will enjoy it as much as you will.


Do you know how to plan a micro wedding with the best vendors? Find vendors that are willing to service smaller events. For example, some caterers will have headcount or spend minimums you need to hit for them to work your event. If your preferred vendor doesn’t want to service a micro wedding, ask if they would be willing to compromise on a middle ground, like paying for additional heads and donating the extra food somewhere or sending it home with guests as an “after-party meal” or some other creative solution.

Additionally, you should ensure that your vendors are going to be available for your specific type of event. For example, some photographers and DJs will only work outdoor events right now, while others will still do indoor functions. Always ask whether there are any service restrictions you should be aware of before booking a vendor just in case. The best vendors will be very forthcoming about recent COVID-related changes to their business policies and operations. Portable toilet suppliers will likely be the least changed by recent events, making them one of the easier vendors to work with and book ahead of time.

Ensure that any contracts you sign have information regarding what will happen in the event of a forced cancellation. If the policy isn’t very favorable, you can always ask to change the language to create a more amiable agreement. If the vendor won’t budge, look elsewhere until you find what will fit your needs.

Extra Touches

Ask yourself, “Which wedding traditions do I want to keep with a smaller wedding?” And conversely, “Which wedding traditions am I okay with skipping?” Without a big audience to appease and impress, you can ditch anything that you would have done because you were “suppose to” include them. Skip optional items if they’re not important to you. If you don’t care about favors, floral centerpieces, or tiered traditional wedding cake, don’t have them. This is your chance to make something totally unique and get exactly what you want that’s just for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Keep the extra touches that you really want – dressing the event up or pairing it down to fit your own desires.

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