Outdoor Autumn Wedding Must-Haves

If you’re having a fall wedding, you’re probably already in the throes of wedding planning but it can be easy to miss something vital in all the hustle and bustle. This is especially true if you’re not using a wedding planner. Your to-do list just seems to get longer and family and friends have increasing requests and demands. In the stress of planning your big day, don’t forget about these 4 essential items for a great autumn wedding:

Outdoor Heaters

Having a wedding outdoors in the fall can be really beautiful, but it can also get quite cold. Be sure to put on the invitation that the ceremony and/or reception will be held outside so that guests can prepare for the weather and dress warmer.

Also, have enough outdoor heaters to keep guests warm at the ceremony, where they will congregate for cocktail hour and at their tables. Some venues have outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, but you will often need to supplement these with additional heating sources to ensure that everyone is comfortable.


It gets darker earlier in the fall, so it will be important to have plenty of illumination to keep guests safe and allow for proper photography. You can use hanging lanterns, tiny twinkle lights, candles, or overhead lighting to give guests a good view of each other as well as the bride and the groom. You can get creative with lighting in order to achieve the ambiance that you’re going for – some lighting will provide a more romantic setting than others so be sure to ask about your options. Some venues will restrict the types of light that you’re allowed to use so it’s important to plan ahead (for instance, real candles may not be allowed but faux candles with flickering bulbs may be used instead).

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Having adequate restroom options for your guests is absolutely critical. Nothing ruins a wedding like being short on bathrooms, forcing guests to wait in long lines or walk a long way to the bathrooms. You can have porta potties or luxury restroom trailers to accommodate your guests. It’s just a matter of personal preference when it comes to selecting the type of portable restroom service that you choose.

Wedding porta potties will look much like regular portable toilets on the outside, but inside they will come with mini sinks, flushing toilets and a shelf and coat hook for purses and small personal items. Luxury restrooms are trailers that provide all of the modern amenities of a hotel bathroom – flushing toilets, sinks with hot/cold water, mirrors, climate controlled interiors, wooden cabinets, and stylish furnishings. You can talk to a portable toilet supplier to determine which will best fit your needs and aesthetics.

Seasonal Food and Beverages

It can be tempting to just choose your favorite foods and beverages for your wedding, but it’s important to choose things that make sense for the season. Heartier foods that use autumn produce like pumpkin, squash and potatoes are usually chosen to accompany savory meats and rich salads. Ciders, dark beers, red wines and spiced cocktails are also preferred for fall wedding menus to accompany the autumn fare. Ask your caterer what he/she recommends in the way of a seasonal menu and draw on local offerings where possible for a unique flair.

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