Michigan Fall Wedding Planning – 2020 Edition

Outdoor weddings have been more common than ever this summer due to COVID concerns, and we expect that trend to continue into the fall. If you’re planning a Michigan fall wedding, there are four key things you’ll need to do right away:

Finding an Outdoor Venue

While some couples strongly prefer traditional wedding venues like churches, hotels, and restaurants, many of these venues are still unavailable right now. Even in cases where those types of venues have reopened for inside events, your guest list may look sparse if you decide to celebrate your big day indoors. Many people still uncomfortable being around large groups in an indoors setting. That means you may see more “No” RSVPs if you decide to hold your wedding ceremony and reception inside. Having your wedding outside allows guests to social distance as much as they’d like – putting them at ease while they celebrate your big day.

But don’t fret! Outdoor wedding venues don’t have to be just public parks and backyards. There are plenty of museums, sculpture parks, hotels, restaurants, and farms that have shifted their event hosting capabilities to comfortably house guests in an all outdoor capacity. Get creative and start calling around. Find out what you will be required to bring in and what they will provide. These days businesses are more likely to work with you to make up for lost event revenue this year.

Coordinating Catering

Find a caterer that’s used to doing outdoor events and has the staff and equipment to provide the menu you want in your chosen location. Get referrals from friends and family and crowd-source your search to online recommendation groups and local forums. Find out who other brides and grooms have successfully used for their outdoor weddings.

Selecting a Photographer

Don’t assume just any photographer will do now that your wedding will be outdoors. While any photographer can shoot outdoors, some are more adept at doing so because they have had more practice. Find a photographer that likes doing outdoor weddings and has specific experience doing so. You don’t want to trust your once-in-a-lifetime day to someone who is learning on the job. Bonus if you can find someone who has photographed your specific venue before! Ask the venue if there is a photographer they recommend or if they offer these services themselves. Larger venues may keep photographers on staff, have a preferred vendor list, or keep track of who has done weddings there before.

Renting Outdoor Restrooms

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