Luxury Portable Restroom Spotlight – The Fortress 10 Stall Trailer

If you’re planning a large event, look no further than the high-capacity Fortress 10 Stall Trailer for your restroom needs! Here at Kerkstra, we have a variety of luxury restroom trailers available to service events of all kinds across the state, but the Fortress is our biggest and best option for those larger functions. Find out why we like to boast about this restroom trailer!


Like the name would imply, the Fortress 10-stall trailer allows 10 people to use the restroom simultaneously, cutting down on the lines and reducing wait time for guests. The separate men’s and women’s sections provide three urinals and two private stalls for the men, as well as five private stalls for the women, all with flushing toilets. Each section offers two shared sinks with running hot and cold water. But the Fortress’s amenities don’t end there; it also has the option to be air-conditioned or heated to provide comfortable use in any season, and low-level exterior lighting for use after dark. The 900-gallon waste tank can serve 1,000 guests for an 8-10 hour event, making it a must-have for a wide array of events and one of our most popular luxury portable toilets!


The standard garden hose hook-up and 20-amp outlet power source allow the Fortress 10 Stall trailer to be used almost anywhere. It’s a popular choice for outdoor concerts, fairs, festivals, and many other community events that make Michigan such a great place to live. In fact, you may have actually seen the Fortress luxury portable restroom at an event you’ve attended before and not even realized it.


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