Luxury Portable Restroom Spotlight – Embassy 2 Stall Trailer

Here at Kerkstra, we have a number of luxury restroom trailers to choose from for your event. This month we’re going to be spotlighting our smallest trailer – the Embassy 2 Stall Trailer.


As the name would imply, the Embassy 2 Stall Trailer includes separate men’s and women’s restroom stalls. Both have a flushing toilet and sink with running water, and the men’s stall also includes a urinal. The unit is climate controlled so it can be heated or air conditioned to provide just the right temperature for your event attendees. Low-level exterior lighting allows for safe use even at night and provides an aesthetic appearance.

The Embassy Trailer also includes carpeting, wallpaper, and stylish finishes like wall art and faux flowers. The large mirrors over each sink allow are a user favorite and the wooden cabinetry and wainscoting finish off the polished look. In fact, if you were blindfolded and led into the Embassy 2 Stall Trailer and then your blindfold was removed, you probably wouldn’t know you were in a portable toilet trailer instead of the restroom of a high-end restaurant or hotel.

With a standard garden hose hook up and standard 20 amp outlet power source, the Embassy Trailer can be used almost anywhere – drawing water and power from a house or basic garage. This makes it a really versatile luxury restroom ideal for any type of event!


An Embassy 2 Stall Trailer can be used for any type of event but it’s best suited for smaller private events like weddings, home parties, and neighborhood functions. Have an event that might benefit from a luxury portable restroom? Don’t wait! Contact us to reserve this restroom trailer today!


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