Should You Hire a Local Portable Toilet Company?

When you’re looking for portable restrooms, should you hire a local portable toilet company or go with a national company? First time renters often want to pick a big national brand. They feel more confident that a big company will have lots of units to rent. They may also believe that the company will be more professional or have a more streamlined rental process. Sometimes, they also mistakenly believe that a national portable restroom business will offer lower rental rates. However, you shouldn’t be so quick to rule out a smaller portable toilet supplier. Choosing a local company has numerous benefits, such as:


Most national companies just manage customer relationships and then turn around and hire local companies to provide their rental units. As a result, they mark up their costs to the consumer, driving up the final cost of the rental. That begs the question, why hire a national company that will add in a middleman? Instead, go directly to the local portable toilet company yourself?


A local company will understand their local market better. This allows them to make more specific recommendations about what kinds of units will best suit your event. This may not be as important if you already know exactly what you want or need. But if you’re a first-time or infrequent renter, this can be a huge benefit.

Additionally, local portable restroom companies have likely also serviced the location where you will be holding your event more frequently than a national rental company. This added experience makes them a better choice than a company that is less familiar with the area or the type of venue.  


Choosing a local company is typically less expensive and helps build up your community, which is a win-win. Support local!

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