Is Your Event Missing These Crucial Restroom Add-Ons?

If you’re planning an event, you’ve probably finalized a million little details related to food vending, parking, staff, check-in/ticketing, and restrooms. With so many pieces to pull together to make your event great, you’re probably assuming you’ve addressed everything that you could possible end up needing. But if you’ve ignored these important restroom add-ons, you still have some more planning to do!

Hand Washing Stations

Portable toilet units come with hand sanitizer pumps mounted on the wall for quick sanitization, but many event attendees want to wash their hands after using the restroom or eating. This is where portable hand washing stations with soap and running water are helpful! These stations make it easy for guests to get themselves and their children or pets clean at an event, which helps keep everyone happy. As an added bonus, they also help lines to move much faster (or prevent them from building up at all) because after people use the bathroom they’re more likely to exit to go wash their hands rather than spending time in the unit pumping out some hand sanitizer and rubbing it on their hands. This might not seem like a bigtime saver, but when you have a large crowd, it adds up.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Portable hand sanitizer stations help keep your event hygienic and your attendees healthy. These are especially popular for outdoor events where there will be food preparation, serving, and consumption because they are OSHA approved. Positioning these stations around the event will give people plenty of access so that everyone can stay sanitary and enjoy themselves. The last thing you want is for people to get sick because of your event.

Additionally, having hand sanitizer dispensers located separately from the restrooms means that people won’t have to wait in the bathroom line to get their hands clean. Again, this makes for shorter lines and more satisfied guests.

Handicapped Restrooms

ADA compliant portable restrooms are something that every event needs. These provide a handicapped accessible bathroom option for people in wheelchairs, parents with strollers, and anyone with compromised mobility. Their ground level accessibility makes them a great solution for outdoor events on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

Don’t worry! It’s easy to rent restrooms and accessories from a local portable toilet supplier like Kerkstra no matter when your event is or how big it will be. Just give us a call today at 888-320-9992. We’d be happy to discuss your options to help your event go off without a hitch!

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