Ideas for Planning your Wedding on Social Media

Newsflash: Wedding planning has gone social! If you’re social media savvy, you’re probably already bringing the social element to your wedding preparations; but if you’re newer to social media or just not active on very many social platforms, you may wonder how social media can help you out with your big day. The good news is that there are a ton of ways that you can incorporate social media into your planning to help you get inspired, store ideas, organize people, and communicate important details! Here are the best ways to go social with your wedding:


Many Pinterest users have boards dedicated to their dream weddings (some of which aren’t even engaged!), which is really fun. To take it a step further though, you can create multiple boards to help you plan out each detail. Instead of just having one wedding board, you can have individual ones for wedding dress styles, favors, photography ideas, centerpieces, menus, honeymoon options, and so much more! This will let you organize each of the different elements that make up your special day. You can even invite your friends or family to share these boards so that they can get in on the fun and pin items to suggest.


Facebook event pages let you communicate the details of your wedding and provide updates. They’re also a great way to get feedback efficiently. You can invite friends to the event page and then crowd source advice like which bakery to use for your cake, which dress to choose for your bridesmaids, and what should be on the bar menu. The sky’s the limit when it comes to using a Facebook to organize your wedding. But there’s an even bigger benefit to having an event page. Some brides even choose to save money on invitations by just inviting guests on Facebook. This is a great way to let social media save you money and headaches by not having to send out and collect physical invitations.


Instagram users are in love with this highly visual platform, and they’ve begun using it to benefit their wedding preparations as well! Get guests excited about your big day by posting images of the details as you finalize them. Snap a picture of a sample dish when you go to your taste testing, the shoes you plan on wearing on the big day once they’ve been customized, or the swanky luxury restrooms you’re renting. This is a great way to make friends and family that live far away feel like they’re part of planning leading up to the event before they arrive on the day of the wedding.


Custom Twitter hashtags are a really common part of weddings these days. Many couples will choose their own moniker to commemorate the event. In addition to just being a sweet and special way to get geared up for the wedding, they’re also quite practical. Having a wedding-specific hashtag allows you to find well wishes and pictures that guests post on social media after the fact. These sentiments allow your wedding to be immortalized on social media!

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