How to Use a Porta Potty in the Cold

We’ve been there. It’s cold outside (like really cold) and you have to go, but all that’s available is a portable toilet and a tree. Don’t fret. We’re here to help! Find out below how to use a porta potty in the cold without running into any winter-related issues.

Remove Anything that Could Fall Inside

Unfortunately, in the winter people need a whole lot of bulky things that make using a small bathroom even harder. The most important tip we can give you when using a porta potty in cold weather is to take off anything that could fall off inside. Gloves, hats, scarves, and accessories like purses can fall on the ground and get dirty, or worse yet fall inside the holding tank and get ruined. (Trust us, we’ve found some pretty crazy things when servicing porta johns!) Remove these items and have someone standing outside hold onto them for you.

Protect Yourself from Cold

Once you’ve shed extra items, it’s time to do your business. Put down toilet paper or use the “hover method” to avoid touching the seat directly. Sitting directly on the seat is going to be a whole lot colder than not touching the seat with your bare skin.

Go During Daylight

If possible, use a portable restroom before the sun sets. It will be warmer during daylight hours, and much easier to see as you try to maneuver inside with a coat on. Now, this is not always possible. But keep this tip in mind for when you’re able to plan ahead.

If the event you’re attending has portable restroom trailers, use these instead of regular porta potties at night. Their interior lighting makes them way more convenient during winter months when the sun sets so early.

Close the Door

This may sound obvious, but keep the door closed to avoid getting hit with cold winds. Some people keep the door slightly ajar when a child or elderly relative is inside going to the bathroom to help them if they need it, but this can make the experience even less comfortable when it’s cold out. In these instances, it’s better to go inside with them to minimize how much cold air comes in.

Drink a Hot Beverage

When nature calls, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Regardless of how you go about it, just aim to go to the bathroom as quickly as you can. Then warm up afterwards with a hot drink. …But, not too much of course, otherwise you’ll just be right back in there again! 😉

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