How to Rent a Portable Toilet

It may sound silly to explain how to rent a portable toilet, but every day we talk to people who are confused about the process or overwhelmed with their choices. So, we’re going to explain the steps involved in renting portable toilets to make it easier. Even if it’s your first time renting portable restrooms, there’s nothing to be intimidated about!

When you have an upcoming event and are looking for a portable toilet supplier, follow these steps:

Make a List of Local Portable Toilet Companies

Start out by researching your options. Make a list of portable restroom providers in your area. If there aren’t any porta potty suppliers in your immediate area, expand your search out until you have a few options. Just pay close attention to their service areas. It’s possible that one or more of the restroom suppliers you find may not service your location.

Remember, if you’re planning an event that’s located elsewhere, look for a portable restroom service near that location. Do a geographically based search like “portable toilets in Grand Rapids, MI” to get a list of providers that are based in the greater Grand Rapids area or ones that can deliver and service units there. The results you get may not necessarily be accurate (which is why it’s always a good idea to check their individual websites) but it’ll provide a good start.

Assess your Options

Once you have a list of potential providers, assess your options. Each restroom company will likely have a slightly different lineup of toilet options. Some may only offer standard porta potties, while others will also have a fleet of luxury portable restroom trailers for rent as well. Determining what’s available will allow you to plan better. You may decide that you want to mix and match bathroom options to suit the needs of your event, or that you strongly prefer one kind over another.

Check Availability

Figure out how many of each type of unit you’ll need and then reach out to each portable toilet supplier to check availability. If the unit you want isn’t available or you can’t get the quantity you need, you will either have to go with another company, or change the date of your event. Don’t be afraid to ask about other options. In the case of luxury restrooms, it’s possible that your preferred trailer isn’t available. However, another one of the same size may be available and that can be substituted instead.

Ask about Pricing

Get a quote from each portable restroom company you’re considering. When figuring out how to rent a portable toilet, this is the most crucial step. Solicit recommendations on how to maximize value. Sometimes changing the number of units or reducing the length of the event can result in cost savings. Similarly, different combinations of units can sometimes reduce the total price of the rental. A reputable portable restroom service can give helpful advice if you’re willing to consider other options.

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