How to Potty like A Rockstar at Your Wedding

So you’re planning your wedding and looking into portable toilet options. Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll give you the information that you need to potty like a rockstar at your wedding!

Chances are that this is the first time you’ve planned an event like this, so we’ll walk you through the different things you need to consider when selecting the appropriate bathrooms for your event.

Number of Guests

Obviously, as the number of guests increases, the number of bathroom units will need to increase. In the case of traditional porta potty-type toilets, this means just adding more units. In the case of luxury restroom trailers, this means upgrading to a larger trailer size (with more stalls). As a general rule of thumb, one porta potty can accommodate up to 50 guests for a 1-3 hour event. For more guests or longer events, you can use our portable toilet calculator to assist in your planning.

Even the smallest restroom trailers, however, serve a much larger group. Our Embassy 2 Stall Trailer can accommodate 175 guests for 8-10 hours. The luxury restroom trailers go all the way up in size to the Fortress 10 Stall Trailer, which can accommodate 1,000 guests for an 8-10 event. (Now that’s really a “potty like a rockstar” scenario!)

Will There Be A Line?

You may be looking at these numbers and thinking to yourself, “If I’m only having 100 people at my wedding, all I need is 2 porta potties then and I’m all set!” However, what you need to take into account is that the max attendees and max event duration numbers simply represent the total possible capacity for a unit. They do not indicate what will be most convenient for your guests.

If you were to just have two portable toilets for your guests, chances are that they would end up waiting in line for the bathroom rather than enjoying themselves at your wedding reception. For this reason, you should consider the convenience of your guests as well. Having additional portable toilet units or a restroom trailer with more stalls is a good way to reduce lines and keep your guests happy. Trust us, having too many toilets is always a better problem to have than not having enough for everyone!


There is obviously a difference in appearance between luxury portable restrooms and regular portable toilets, which means that there is a difference in perception as well. Some engaged couples choose to go with luxury restrooms rather than portable toilet rentals because they want their guests to potty like a rockstar. Essentially, they want guests to feel as if they have all of the amenities of an indoor venue while still enjoying the outdoors. Others don’t mind having a vibe that’s a bit more rustic. No matter which route you choose to go, we can work with your budget to find something that will fit your needs and event date.

Expected Usage

This may seem like a silly point to make, but you should consider how the portable bathroom rentals will be used. Obviously, people will use them for going to the bathroom, but will they serve any other purpose? At some outdoor wedding venues, there isn’t really anywhere for the wedding party to get dressed or for the ladies to touch up their make-up. While all of the bathrooms that we provide will arrive completely clean and sanitized, people often feel more comfortable getting ready in luxury restroom trailers rather than porta potties.

Time of Day & Season

If you are having an evening wedding, you may want to opt for a bathroom trailer because they all come standard with low level exterior lighting. This is a really nice feature to have at night!

Additionally, if you are having your wedding when there is the possibility of very hot or very chilly weather, having the option to air condition or heat your bathrooms will be much appreciated by your guests. No one wants to go into a portable toilet in a fancy dress or suit and come out all sweaty! Luxury portable toilet trailers can be air conditioned or heated as needed to keep your guests comfortable.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. is a portable toilet supplier for events of all sizes across Michigan. They also provide luxury restroom trailers for all of the Great Lakes states. Take a look at our portable restroom options and request a quote today!