How to Make More Money Off Campsite Rentals

Whether you run a large campground or just offer a few campsites that you post on Airbnb and other online rental sites, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you grow profits by making more money off existing rentals and increasing referrals for new rentals.

While some of these tips are quick fixes, others require significant capital investment. In the end, however, they can all substantially boost revenue!

Provide Special Event Space

Large families and people organizing special events like reunions, retreats, weddings, and corporate outings need space to conduct their events. This requires many campsites close together as well as a building or pavilion to host meals and gatherings. By improving the infrastructure at your campsite, you can attract these lucrative special events to add to your existing revenue stream as well as fill up off-peak times of the year.

Include Passes to Local Attractions

If there are splash pads, parks, trails, swimming areas, or other fun destinations nearby that require paid admission, you can typically get a deal on buying season passes to share with renters. You can then tout these benefits in your rental listings to help set you apart from the competition. These perks can also justify charging a higher rental rate, often paying for the memberships many times over.

Provide Luxury Restrooms

While most campgrounds have porta potties or no-frills public restrooms, some offer premium bathroom options. Bringing in a luxury restroom trailer can help set your rentals apart and provide a justification for charging a more for campsite spaces.

Alternatively, you can rent luxury restroom units that include showers, flushing toilets, and running water and then charge campers for premium passes to use them.

Include Free Wi-Fi

Even when enjoying the outdoors people are tied to their phones and other mobile devices these days, which means that their expectations are shifting when it comes to campground amenities. Providing free wi-fi is a great way to appeal to these connected campers by giving them what they want.

Deliver Meals and Amenities

Other amenities that people want while camping are essentials like firewood. Delivering these types of items to individual campsites on demand is a great way to impress campers and earn positive reviews. Better yet, why not have them waiting when campers arrive? This eliminates the need for them to bring these items themselves or find them when they first arrive.

If you have an onsite kitchen facility offering snacks, deli items, and other food, bringing this to campers for a fee can boost profits. Airbnb is filled with listings for campsites, treehouses, tiny houses, and other specialty lodging options renting for $200+/night that include this type of hotel-like concierge service.

Offer a Seasonal Pass Option

While renting individual weeks or weekends is a common rental strategy, substantial profits can also be made from offering seasonal passes. These bring in more consistent revenue, which helps to smooth out profits throughout the season.

Open a General Store

If you don’t already sell items on-site, opening a general store stocked with the items that campers need is a great way to make money. The reality is that campers have to buy these things regardless of whether or not you provide them, which means that if you don’t offer them for purchase, you’re just missing out on revenue.

If you already have a general store, consider expanding your offerings to high-margin items like ice cream, baked treats, hot concessions, and other food splurges. You may need to increase staff to make and vend these items, but the substantial profit is typically worth the investment.

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