How Much are Portable Toilet Rentals?

If you’re planning an event and looking for portable toilet suppliers, you’re likely pricing out your options. However, before you can get a quote for portable toilets, you need to know what you’re looking for. The cost of portable toilet rentals depends on several factors:


Some locations are served by more portable restroom service companies, which means you can get more competitive pricing. This is something to consider when planning a destination event. Do your research to find out where you can get better deals on things like venue rentals, portable toilets, catering, and so on.
Regardless of where your event is being held, however, it usually makes more sense to choose a local company rather than a national provider. Companies that operate nationwide usually act as a middleman, utilizing local suppliers to patch together a wide service area. The result is a higher price for the same units. Instead of paying more for a well-known name, look for a local portable toilet supplier that has the same offerings without the steep markup. Paying less and keeping money in the local economy is always a win-win!

Toilet Types

What kind of portable toilets will you need?

Decide on whether you’ll use standard porta potties or more sophisticated models. Luxury portable toilets offer far more amenities than their typical portable toilet counterparts. Of course, these units are more expensive than traditional porta johns, however, the cost may be justified depending on the nature of the event. Fancier events like weddings, black tie parties, and charitable fundraisers may necessitate luxury restrooms to better accommodate guests.

Some portable toilet suppliers only offer porta potties, while others specialize exclusively in luxury portable restrooms. For providers that offer both, get a quote for both types of units to compare. Depending on the size of your event, you may find that luxury portable restrooms don’t have a much of a premium as you’d expect over traditional units because a single trailer can replace numerous portable toilet units.


The duration of your event will factor into how many units you need. For longer things like weekend-long community events and week-long music festivals, consider the added cost of extending the event. It’s possible that you can save substantial operating costs by shortening an event by a few hours.


Once you know which types of units you’re using, you’ll want to determine how many you need. Ask your portable toilet supplier if there’s any incentive to rent more (or even fewer) units. When renting a large bank of porta potties, you want to maximize space on the truck bringing them. Sometimes you can get an extra couple of units for a minimal upcharge because the rental company has available capacity. Depending on how large the event is and how long it is, it may make more sense to rent additional capacity holding tanks to increase the longevity of the unit instead of renting more units.

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