How Many Portable Toilets Will I Need for My Event?

When you’re planning an event, it can be difficult to determine how many bathrooms you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than having too few restrooms to accommodate everyone because long lines will form and people will become disgruntled instead of having fun. However, you also don’t want to spend more money than you need to. So what’s the solution?

You can take a look at our event planner chart and give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out! To do some preliminary prep work, start thinking about the following components:

Number of Units

The number of porta potty units that you need is contingent upon two factors – the number of guests attending and the length of the event. Obviously more units will be needed for larger events or longer events, but for a detailed breakdown of portable toilet recommendations review our portable toilet event planning table. These numbers may need to be altered for events where higher than average usage is expected due to increased food and beverage consumption, but these serve as a general guide for most events.

ADA Compliant Units

ADA compliant restrooms are needed for most events to provide handicapped bathroom accessibility for disabled people. Depending on the nature of your event though, you may want to have more of these bathroom units than the minimum requirement. These larger units are great for families with small children because they allow parents to easily bring their children in with them. Handicapped restrooms are also good for events where people may have to change their clothes because they are more spacious.

Specialty Units and Trailers

Elite units are similar to standard porta potties but they have added features like flushing toilets, small sinks, shelves, and other convenient features. These are great for more upscale events where you want more amenities than a standard bathroom unit would provide.

A step above out Elite units are out Luxury Restroom Trailers, which offer the same bathroom accommodations that you would expect to see in a hotel or other nice establishment. These luxury restrooms are climate controlled, have running water, utilize flushing toilets, and have elegant finishes like wooden cabinetry and well-lit mirrors.

Hand Washing Stations

Standalone hand washing stations allow guests to wash their hands after exiting the restroom units. These stations are great for events where people will be eating because it promotes cleanliness by offering another option in addition to the hand sanitizer pumps located in the individual units. These stations let multiple people wash their hands at once, speeding up lines and letting people get back to the fun.

Hand washing stations also allow people the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and running water without having to use the bathroom if they would like. This is a popular option for outdoor events among guests of all ages, but especially parents who may want to wash off kids’ hands or faces after they are done playing or eating.

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