How Many Portable Toilets for a Wedding is Enough?

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it’s normal to wonder how many bathrooms you’ll need. But determining how many portable toilets for a wedding to rent is more complicated than most people realize. First, you have to determine what kind of toilet rentals you’ll need for your event, and then you have to decide on the correct number for your specific needs. The type of wedding will influence how many portable toilets to rent for a wedding.

Formal Weddings

Formal outdoor weddings usually require luxury restroom trailers because they need a more elegant solution. When aesthetics matter, luxury portable toilets are the go-to option – providing a practical solution with unmatched visual appeal. Restroom trailers can serve 50-1,000 people (depending on the particular unit) for a maximum of 10 hours.
The goal is to have enough stalls to accommodate guests in a way that minimizes waiting and maximizes comfort. That means sizing up if your event is on the higher end of a restroom trailer’s capacity. An experienced portable restroom service company can advise on which trailer is best suited for the size of your event.

Among smaller restroom trailers there are also aesthetic choices to consider. For instance, 2-stall and 3-stall trailers come in a variety of styles to choose from to match the look of your event. While this is usually a secondary consideration, it’s something to keep in mind when determining which trailer size to select. If the luxury restroom trailer that best matches your event’s look is smaller than what you need, you may have to add another style trailer to supplement your needs.

Additionally, for outdoor weddings that are spread over a wide area, additional porta potties or a second luxury portable restroom trailer may be necessary to provide conveniently located bathrooms.

Casual Weddings

Casual outdoor weddings and backyard weddings aren’t as concerned with elegant aesthetic, which means that standard porta potties can be a great budget-friendly alternative. Regular portable toilets are much easier to plan. For weddings with a guest list of 100 or less, 2 porta potty units will work. For larger weddings, an additional 1-5 units will need to be added. Remember though, it never hurts to add more units. The more portable bathrooms you have, the less waiting there will be for bathrooms, which is always a good thing.

Check out our planning chart for more information!

If grilling or other food preparation will occur, consider renting handwashing stations as well to allow for proper food safety protocols.

Non-Traditional Weddings

Non-traditional weddings like camping wedding receptions will have different needs entirely. Longer duration events will need either more units or perhaps additional capacity tanks. These add-ons can suit the specific challenges of these types of unique weddings. Keep in mind weddings in more remote areas may only have enough accessibility to get a few portable toilets in. Work with your local portable toilet supplier to find out more.

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