How are Porta Potties Cleaned?

Think cleaning a porta potty is like cleaning your home bathroom? Think again! Let’s shed some light on the common question, “How are porta potties cleaned?”

Portable toilets are standalone units, which means that each one collects and stores waste independently. So, unlike your home toilet where waste is flushed down and removed from the unit, it sits inside until it is cleaned out. As a result, they must be pumped out and serviced individually. But how is that done? How are porta potties cleaned out by portable toilet suppliers?

Pump Out

The holding tank is pumped out when it starts to fill up using a large hose. The waste goes into a sewage truck tank that then brings it to a sewage treatment plant. You might think this is the dirtiest part of the job, but it isn’t! Read on…

Fill Up

In its place, water and blue chemicals are dumped in to prevent bacteria growth, thereby reducing odors. This liquid keeps porta potties fresh and clean, but isn’t meant to come into contact with human skin. So, remember, if you drop something inside, it’s always best to just leave it there instead of risking your safety.

Clean Up

Then comes the really dirty part.

The floor, walls, and other surfaces are scrubbed down using cleaning solution. Special attention is given to the urinal and toilet seat area as well as high-touch points like door handles. After they’re scrubbed down and sanitized, water is sprayed or dumped inside to rinse off the cleaner. Then the unit is left to dry so it’s ready for the next user or next event where it will be used.

When you’re using a reputable portable toilet supplier, the units you receive for your event should always be clean and in good condition to service your event properly.

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