Finding the Right Bathroom Solution for Your Winter Construction Jobsite

A construction jobsite has its own unique needs when it comes to portable toilet rentals. Couple those needs with the distinct challenges of the winter months, and you have a very specific use case scenario. Using just any portable bathroom in this instance can be foolish and even negligent. A standard porta potty may do the job just fine on the ground when no snow is present but may be entirely the wrong choice at height or where snow needs to be cleared.

Find out what the right bathroom solution is for your winter construction site:

Construction-Specific Portable Toilets

Standard construction portable restrooms have non-slip floors to keep users safe, while other types of construction bathrooms include other features like crane racks and roller casters for easy movement. Using construction-specific toilets for use on the jobsite is always the best idea because they are specifically designed to accommodate workers in safety gear on construction environments. Crane rack portable toilets can be safely hoisted to different floors using a crane without requiring any special accommodations. Similarly, roller units can be moved in freight elevators to provide access inside of active construction areas. Additionally, both these units can be moved easily to clear snow and allow for easier movement from employees and machinery.

Renting Enough Units

Getting enough units for the jobsite is one area that some managers struggle with when securing units. Renting too few units can result in workers waiting to use the bathroom or choosing to go elsewhere to do their business at a nearby public restroom, which hurts productivity and increases the likelihood of accidents. Both are productivity killers, which can delay job completions or require overtime from employees, driving up project costs.

Restroom Placement

While there may technically be the right number of units for the number of employees on the jobsite at a given time, the units may not be effectively spaced out or placed where it is convenient for workers to use them. Ensure that plenty of units are rented to avoid losing on-the-job efficiency. Keep units clear of roadways and high-traffic paths, especially when snow is expected that will need to be moved or cleared.

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