Finding Portable Toilets on Farms for Fall Activities

Picture it, it’s a cool crisp fall day and you’re visiting the farm for some wholesome family fun. You’re enjoying a big cup of cider… maybe a bit too much cider. And now your child needs to use the bathroom. (Or you, we’re not judging!) Where do you find the closest bathroom, or any bathroom for that matter?! Some West Michigan farms are totally optimized for family-friendly fun and have heated, cozy indoor restrooms for guests to use. Others are more rustic. So, how can you find portable toilets on farms when engaging in your favorite fall activities?

With as many portable toilets as we’ve delivered to farms already this year, here are our top tips:

Popular Attractions

Look for the busiest area and try there first. Bathrooms are typically near the heart of the main activities for good reason. This gives the most people the greatest chance of seeing them for easy convenience. If there are portable toilets on farms, this is likely your best bet to find one. Playgrounds, bakeries wafting smells of fresh hot donuts, farm stands, gift shops, and petting zoos are all common areas to spot a restroom.

Ticket Sales

Farms that sell tickets for things like hayrides and corn mazes usually have a bathroom nearby so that guests can use the restroom before embarking on an excursion that won’t have any facilities available. This is a good place to look because you will likely be heading to that area already at some point or another before leaving.

Near the Orchard

If you plan on picking apples, head on over toward the orchard with your bag, basket, or bucket and look for a portable restroom along the way. Guests and workers alike will need a place to go to the bathroom, which means there’s likely going to one along the way. As a bonus, these might be less busy than the units that are stationed near busy activities. Less waiting in line means more time for fall fun! Bonus!

By the Parking Lots

Bigger farms may put porta potties out in their parking lots because they know that they attract crowds from further away. This means that people may arrive at the farm having to use the facilities right away, and a porta potty out in the lot fits the bill before families even get close to the fun. (It also provides a solution for when you get to your car at the end of a long, fun day and then your child decides they need to go to the bathroom. Yes, we’ve all been there!)  

You might not want to head for the parking lot before you’re ready to go home. But, doing so provides an excellent opportunity to drop off bags of apples and jugs of cider before going back to finish up the other fun activities you have planned.

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