Farm Portable Toilets Explained

Farmers have unique challenges when renting farm portable toilets. We provide bathrooms for agricultural operations every day as the region’s leading portable restroom service. So, if you’re looking for information on farm portable toilets, you’ve come to the right place!

Farm portable toilets typically serve two distinct functions. Toilets can be used for visitors and also for farmers and employees to use while tending to and picking crops.

Understanding how your portable bathrooms will be used is essential in selecting the right units for your needs.

Regular Portable Toilets

When farm visitors will be using the portable toilets, regular standalone porta potties will do the trick! These no-frills units offer everything that people need when shopping at the farm stand, taking a tour, or stopping by for U-pick. A regular porta potty is a budget-friendly solution for seasonal bathroom needs. It comes equipped with a simple toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump.


GAP-compliant solutions are needed to ensure proper food safety when farm staff is working. This work can include planting, picking, packaging, and selling produce. Farms are concerned with GAP initiatives because preventing contamination early on is easier than trying to remove it later. The net effect is a cost-conscious way to improve food safety. It also helps to maintain consumer confidence (which is crucial for preserving crop prices).

GAP Compliant Solutions

GAP compliant portable toilets come in several varieties.

The ground unit is a standalone portable toilet. It includes a sink, unscented soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer for improved cleanliness. Additionally, it comes stocked with bilingual signage, a written emergency spill response plan, and a properly documented service record. These add-ons make it ideal for all farming applications. Professionals maintain these units regularly to keep them clean and ready for use throughout the season.

The trailer unit includes the same features and amenities. However, it’s attached to a trailer for convenient placement wherever it’s needed. This added mobility means that it can be moved as often as needed. This allows a trailer unit to keep pace with workers on large-scale farms or fast-paced operations.

Similarly, the double trailer, is a highly mobile portable restroom solution. This unit consists of a longer trailer that houses two portable toilets and a hand washing station. Including another toilet reduces the likelihood that workers will need to wait in line to use the bathroom. This improves overall farm efficiency.

Some portable toilet suppliers don’t have the selection needed to equip farms with the best units for agricultural applications. So, finding the right portable toilet company to match your needs is crucial.

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