Fall Event Planning with Kerkstra Portable Restrooms

Are you hosting a fall festival? Rustic barn wedding on the horizon? Expecting a crowd at your family-run corn maze or apple orchard? If you are hosting an outdoor event this fall, you should consider renting a portable restroom. Check out our Fall Event Planning Guide and list of 7 Fall Events that would benefit from a portable restroom (or two!) below! 

School Sporting Events

When the games or meets are at home, crowds will come and go as they use the bathroom between races or get refreshments before the second-half kick-off. Many youth sports programs depend on revenue from these events in order to thrive. Ticket sales and concession sales can bring critical cash flow to schools and sports programs, so having plenty of bathrooms available ensures that fans can stretch their legs, grab a snack, and use the facilities before returning to their seats. Is your school ready for a half-time rush? We can help make sure you’re good to go on game day.

Rustic Barn Weddings

Charming and chic barn weddings aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Often, these picturesque locales are perfect for your big day – except when it comes to bathrooms. They might be far away from the reception site, or they might not be offered at all. Whatever the reason, the subject of toilets should never be the focus of a wedding, and the right porta-potty choice could make all the difference. Our Luxury Restroom Trailers provide a stylish, comfortable retreat in all seasons, with heat, warm water, and a variety of interior decor options to match any wedding aesthetic.


From Oktoberfest to local fall festivals to the growing number of beer, wine, or cider festivals, this time of year has no shortage of reasons to gather and celebrate. Portable restrooms are a necessity when hosting a regional or community festival. To avoid any headaches down the road, work with an experienced portable restroom vendor that will consider the demands of your event, keep units clean, and anticipate crowd needs so you don’t have to. Kerkstra also offers ADA-compliant accessible units so that everyone can do their business in comfort while enjoying a festival in their community.

Halloween Party

Is everyone gathering at your place on Halloween for a pre-trick-or-treat potluck? Maybe you’re hosting an extravagant costume party or other spooky shindig in your backyard. Any of your guests will tell you: nothing is scarier than having a hard time finding a bathroom when it’s dark out, you’re in costume, and you need to use the toilet. If you’re throwing a Halloween party or get-together and want to make sure your guests are as comfortable as can be, rent a porta-potty. And then give yourself a costume contest award for “Best Party Host” – you’ve earned it!

Haunted Houses & Hayrides

Boo! With the Halloween season comes haunted houses and hayrides for kids and grown-ups of all ages. At these events, after spending time in line for the attraction, nobody wants to spend more time in a long line for the restroom. Remember: the most horrifying thing about their experience should be your haunted house, not the devastating realization that there aren’t any public bathrooms available. Be sure to rent plenty of portable restrooms, especially if your event is family-friendly.

Other Fall Events

Classic fall adventures like apple and pumpkin picking bring all kinds of people together each year. Often, local farmers open shop and allow folks from all over to pick apples to eat and pumpkins to carve. As you can imagine, these families don’t usually want customers or guests trampling through their farmhouse to use the toilet. Corn mazes are fun and exciting, but guests often take a long time exploring the maze and will likely need to go to the bathroom before or after their run through the maze. Plus, these activities are mostly popular with families, and some parents or grandparents won’t consider attending an event unless there are restrooms available.

Family Holiday Parties

So, your nephew’s college roommate is bringing their little sister, and suddenly the Thanksgiving guest list is up to 30 or more people. Make this one thing easier on yourself and rent a porta-potty for your family holiday get-together. The two toilets at your house might be enough for your household day-to-day, but a roster this size means it’s time to call in reinforcements. An extra bathroom keeps your whole family comfortable (even after Black Friday bickering and Aunt Carol’s root vegetable casserole). Plus, when the party is over, your personal bathrooms won’t need nearly as much cleaning or restocking.

Make sure that your friends, guests, or customers stay focused on enjoying the festivities – instead of searching for the nearest bathroom – with the help of Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service. We offer Luxury Restroom Trailers and porta-potties that are maintained at the highest standard of cleanliness. If you’re planning a fall event this season, don’t wait to rent a portable restroom. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help take care of this crucial detail for your upcoming event.