Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is now handled by Kerkstra Waste, which is now separate from Kerkstra Services. Please reach out to Kerkstra Waste for all your waste recovery needs.

Vacuuming is basicly industrial cleaning with a powerful vacuum truck. Why would you want to work with us? We make sure our customers are pleased with the finished job, we take the time to show the customer what has been done before we put the lids back on, and our service operators show up with a can-do attitude focused on customer satisfaction.

Responsible Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Disposal

Kerkstra Waste Recovery and Environmental Services Inc. handles transportation and disposal of liquid non-hazardous waste for corporations, retail locations, municipalities and government agencies.

Kerkstra Waste Recovery and Environmental Services Inc. picks-up, transports and disposes of all non-hazardous liquid waste in full compliance with the State of Michigan.

We provide all necesary paperwork and all waste is disposed of in the appropriate treatment facilities. Kerkstra operates with the utmost care because we believe in caring for our local environment, we are a family owned and operated company- we are dedicated to building a better world for our children.

Here's why businesses work with Kerkstra

  • One call and you get quality service, saving you time and money
  • We are fully compliant and meet the environmental regulations
  • We will manage everything relating to your waste removal