Don’t Make These Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Wedding invitations are one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. From selecting the right colors and style to deciding on the wording – it’s a veritable minefield of opportunities for mistakes. So, before you have your invitations printed and sent, make sure that you’re not making these common mistakes:

The Wrong Size

Wedding invitations are expensive enough without making them more expensive by adding to the postage to send them. Ensure that your wedding invitations use a standard envelope rather than an oversized envelope or a square envelope. This extra postage can really add up, especially if you have a large guest list. Larger sized envelopes can also take longer to go through the mail, which means that your invitations can be delayed to guests that are further away.

Hard-to-Read Font

A lot of couples choose to use a more formal font for their invitations, but scripts can be very hard to read (especially for older guests). Minimize readability issues by using a clear font that stands out against the background of the invitations. If possible, check the invitations in print as well as on the computer before you finalize them because colors and weights of fonts can look different once they’re rendered offline.

Omitting Information

Include all relevant information that your guests will need before deciding whether to attend. Set proper expectations around dress code, food served, who’s invited (a date, children, etc.). This will ensure that everyone has the best time possible on the big day.

Provide information for out-of-town guests like an address, driving directions, nearby airports, hotel information, etc.) You don’t necessarily have to include this information on the main invitation. You can always create a special insert for guests that will be traveling.


The RSVP cards are probably the biggest source for mistakes, which means that you should pay particular attention to this area.

On the RSVP cards, include a line for guests to write their names when they declare whether they’ll be attending. This seems like an obvious thing to remember because pre-designed RSVP cards include this line by default, however, if you’re designing them yourself, it’s an easy thing to forget. Without this line, you won’t know who is coming – just how many people are coming (making it impossible to follow-up with people who haven’t responded and make a final seating plan).

Another easy thing to forget is the stamp on the RSVP envelope. Putting a stamp on your RSVPs for invitees speeds up response times and reduces the risk of guests losing the RSVP cards. It’s also just a courteous thing to do so that guests don’t have to be troubled to go out and buy their own stamps.

Lastly, don’t use the phrase “Please RSVP.” RSVP translates to “respond please” in French, which means that you’ll actually end up saying “Please respond please” and that just sounds silly!

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