Don’t Forget These Items for Your Outdoor Black Tie Event!

Planning an elegant black tie event this summer that you want people to remember for years to come? These are the top must-haves that will put your event over the top:

Gourmet Locally Sourced Food & Beverages

The number one thing that people remember about an event after the fact is the food! This is why having delicious gourmet food and beverages is so important! It’s not enough to just have a few food options and an open bar. You have to provide a variety of succulent foods to tease the palates of all of your guests’ various food preferences as well as beverages that pair well with the food. This doesn’t just refer to alcoholic drinks either. Sure, you’ll want to have a good selection of wine, craft beer, and top shelf spirits, but providing fancy non-alcoholic beverages is important as well. You can consider craft sodas, blended fruit drinks, high end sparkling waters, and so on. The absolute best way to check these items off of your list is to find locally sourced ingredients and beverage options to wow guests! This will also ensure that you’re catering to local tastes – helping you to put together a rave-worthy menu lineup.


Food buffets or food stations are an easy way to serve guests (especially at large events), but they’re not very elegant. Instead, hire servers to go around and deliver food to guests. The added presentation is sure to highlight the food itself, adding to the overall experience and your guests’ enjoyment. You can also have servers take around champagne or signature cocktails to avoid having guests waiting in line at the bar. Again, having drinks brought around makes attendees feel more special, like they are honored guests.

Experienced Bartenders

Everyone knows that bartenders can vary greatly in skill and finesse when it comes to creating drinks. Cater to your guests’ discerning plates and high expectations by having experienced bartenders that can create cocktails to remember. This is especially important if your black tie event is a benefit or fundraiser, where guests are coming ready to make contributions and expect top-notch service in exchange.

Luxury Restrooms

Can your rented bathrooms really be luxurious? Absolutely! Having luxury portable restroom trailers will make guests forget that they’re even at an outdoor event. Once they step inside, they’ll see the décor and furnishings that they’ve come to expect at fancy events. Guests may not remember your swanky restroom selections after the event, but you can bet that if you’re serving caviar and champagne and then providing guests with bright blue porta johns, they’ll remember that in a very negative way!

Top Name Entertainment

Having great entertainment for your event is a great way to keep guests engaged and sticking around. This is where bringing in a top name comes in handy! Whether it’s a band, solo performer, or musical ensemble, getting guests listening and moving is key to capping off your event!

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