Do Porta Potties Freeze in the Winter?

Do porta potties freeze in the winter? Nope!

The super blue additive contained in the waste holding tanks keeps the water from freezing. (That’s the blue liquid you’re used to seeing down there.) And it’s a good thing that <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/”>portable toilet suppliers</a> have this miracle liquid because after a few hours of below freezing temperatures, water tanks would be frozen solid without this additive, making it impossible to empty and clean for regular service.

So, Why Is It Blue?

Want to know a fun fact? The only reason this liquid is blue is because dye is added to it to remind <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/”> portable restroom companies</a> and users that it is not water. (Just like how an unpleasant odor is added to propane gas to alert people when it is present.) Think about it, if you get that blue liquid splashed in your eyes or you accidentally ingest some of it, are you going to take it more seriously than you would having something that looks like regular tap water do the same thing? Of course! And that’s the whole point of making it blue – to make it stand out.

But… Why BLUE??

So, if the blue color is just dye, why it is blue instead of some other color instead? Great question! Supposedly, blue was chosen as the color because it makes people think of cleaning solution. It is also more tranquil than say red or orange. However, as you might have noticed, if a lot of pee is added, the liquid can turn a greenish color. (It still won’t freeze though!)

There you have it! When your friend asks you “Do porta potties freeze in the winter?” you can sound like a pro answering with cool trivia. If you have any more questions regarding porta potties or portable toilet rentals, <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/blog/ “>check out our blog</a> or <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/contact/”>contact us</a>!

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