Do I Need Multiple Restroom Trailers for My Event?

One question we get a lot here at Kerkstra is “How many portable bathrooms do I need for my event?” When talking about restroom trailers people tend to have even more questions. They wonder which trailer will best fit their needs, if they’ll need multiple trailers, and so on. If you have these questions as well, take a look at this guide to determining whether or not you’ll need more than one luxury portable restroom for your event:

Number of Attendees

The number of people you plan on attending your event will be the most important factor in determining how many luxury restroom trailers you’ll need. Each bathroom trailer has a different capacity for a 8-10 hour event (ranging from 350-1,000 people) but if you plan in having more people than that, you’ll need additional trailers.

Attendee Experience

But simply knowing how many people you’re expecting is not the only indicator of how many luxury restrooms you’ll need. Keep in mind that every trailer has limitations on how many people can use it at once – ranging from 2 stalls to 10 stalls. The more stalls you have available for attendees the shorter the lines will be, so instead of maxing out a restroom trailer’s capacity you may want to opt for an extra trailer to keep lines short and ensure a positive customer experience. Keeping lines short tends to encourage that attendees stick around longer and enjoy themselves more.

Placement Location

Having just one restroom trailer at your event means that there is only one designated bathroom area, which is fine if your event is small. However, for larger events that cover a wider area, you may want to get several luxury restroom trailers and space them out around the event to make accessing them more convenient for attendees. This creates a better experience for everyone from attendees to volunteers and staff and prevents traffic flow bottlenecks.

Event Needs

Some events have different requirements and those will dictate the type of restroom trailers that you need. For instance, an athletic competition or week-long summer music festival may necessitate a shower trailer to give attendees a chance to get clean, but that one trailer may not be enough to accommodate the number of people you’re expecting. In this case, you would want to supplement the shower trailer with one or more luxury restroom trailers as well.

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