Construction Restroom Options Explained

Construction portable toilets are different than regular porta potties because they have a lot of custom features that make them ideal for the jobsite. These options are sure to provide the restroom options that your construction site needs:

Standard Portable Toilet

A regular portable toilet has basic functionality that makes it a versatile toilet solution for any location. These units can be found everywhere from trails and parks to carnivals and festivals to roadside and long-term construction sites. It contains a standard toilet basin setup, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump. These units are transported by trailer and, as such, can be delivered to anywhere where a truck can go.

Crane Rack Portable Toilet

A crane rack portable toilet has the same setup inside. However, outside the unit has an attached arm that can be raised or lowered. It also has attached legs for secure lifting and level placement. This design allows for easy mobility on construction sites onto different levels. A crane can move the unit quickly from one location to another to support workers on different levels of construction sites. Additionally, the ease of moving these types of units makes them regularly serviceable regardless of primary location.

Roller Portable Toilet

A roller portable toilet unit is more transportable than a standard unit, but not as portable as a crane rack unit. As the name would suggest, these units have wheels with locking casters. This addition allows them to be rolled by employees to different locations. While this is a more portable solution than a regular porta potty, it requires that the infrastructure be in place at a construction site to allow for movement of the unit. In buildings under construction, elevators must be functional and easily accessible to transport units to different levels. That being said, they are a great option for high-rise buildings later on in the construction life cycle when spaces are enclosed.

The layout differences between crane rack units and roller units make roller portable toilets a handy solution. They feature a toilet on the inside and a urinal on the back for quicker use.

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