Finding the Right Bathroom Solution for Your Winter Construction Jobsite

A construction jobsite has its own unique needs when it comes to portable toilet rentals. Couple those needs with the distinct challenges of the winter months, and you have a very specific use case scenario. Using just any portable bathroom in this instance can be foolish and even negligent. A standard porta potty may do the job just fine on the ground when no snow is present but may be entirely the wrong choice at height or where snow needs to be cleared.

Find out what the right bathroom solution is for your winter construction site:

Construction-Specific Portable Toilets

Standard construction portable restrooms have non-slip floors to keep users safe, while other types of construction bathrooms include other features like crane racks and roller casters for easy movement. Using construction-specific toilets for use on the jobsite is always the best idea because they are specifically designed to accommodate workers in safety gear on construction environments. Crane rack portable toilets can be safely hoisted to different floors using a crane without requiring any special accommodations. Similarly, roller units can be moved in freight elevators to provide access inside of active construction areas. Additionally, both these units can be moved easily to clear snow and allow for easier movement from employees and machinery.

Renting Enough Units

Getting enough units for the jobsite is one area that some managers struggle with when securing units. Renting too few units can result in workers waiting to use the bathroom or choosing to go elsewhere to do their business at a nearby public restroom, which hurts productivity and increases the likelihood of accidents. Both are productivity killers, which can delay job completions or require overtime from employees, driving up project costs.

Restroom Placement

While there may technically be the right number of units for the number of employees on the jobsite at a given time, the units may not be effectively spaced out or placed where it is convenient for workers to use them. Ensure that plenty of units are rented to avoid losing on-the-job efficiency. Keep units clear of roadways and high-traffic paths, especially when snow is expected that will need to be moved or cleared.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

How to Position Portable Toilets on Construction Sites

Having a restroom at the jobsite is crucial in the construction industry because workers are often on the job for long hours and not located within walking distance to a public bathroom. Not providing workers with suitable restrooms can result in lost productivity, sanitary concerns, and even fines and lawsuits.

However, simply having portable toilets isn’t enough. The units must be placed in the correct location for workers to take advantage of them safely and conveniently.

These are some factors to consider when choosing where to position them:


It’s easy to forget about convenience when carving out a space for porta potties. A jobsite supervisor may simply allocate some unused space for porta potties to avoid taking up prime real estate where materials, tools, and equipment needs to be. However, units should be located where there is easy access for workers. Providing a location that’s quick to get to from the main action on the jobsite reduces lost time. This convenience can really add up, saving money by increasing worker efficiency.

The right location will not only be close and convenient, but it should also be uncluttered. You don’t want workers having to walk around or over things to get to and from toilets because that can increase the risk of injury or damage to materials and tools.


While portable toilets should be closely located to work being performed to aid in convenience, there should also be some privacy when using them. No one wants to walk into the bathroom to do their business right in the middle of everything that’s going on. Finding a nearby location with some seclusion from trees, bushes, or a building is ideal.

Out of the Way

Entering or exiting a porta john should never put a worker in the way of moving vehicles or other dangers. That means that units should be located out of the way enough that they can be accessed safely. This includes keeping them away from heavy machinery that swings or swivels (like excavators and cranes), which could accidently knock them over.


Placing units inside of blocked off or fenced in areas decreases the risk that other people will use the units when passing by. This is an important step to minimize liability if someone decides to use one of your jobsite porta potties and gets injured. Additionally, it ensures that the unit’s capacity will be reserved solely for your workers, making servicing planning easier.

Level Surface

Saying that a portable toilet should be placed on level-ground sounds like a no-brainer, but on a construction site that can be tricky sometimes. A porta potty should only be placed on level, solid ground that is not close to ground that is being disturbed. Otherwise, as excavating or other earth-moving work is done, the unit can become unstable and tip over. On an active, large-scale construction site, this may require moving the unit often to keep it out of harm’s way.


Keep in mind that units will need to be serviced regularly. They should be placed in a location that is accessible by a portable restroom company vehicle for pumping, cleaning, and restocking.

This doesn’t just apply to units on the ground either. Porta potties on elevated construction sites also need to take servicing requirements into consideration. Portable toilets on rollers or crane rack units should be placed where they can be easily accessed to bring them down for servicing.


For jobsites that are active during all times of the day, placing units in a lit area allows them to be used throughout all shifts. Otherwise, workers won’t be able to see to use them after dark or before sunrise.


Check local and state regulations governing portable toilet requirements to be sure that you’re not missing anything. Some industries will have their own requirements as well and large companies may have organization-wide policies to adhere to also.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

Construction Restroom Options Explained

Construction portable toilets are different than regular porta potties because they have a lot of custom features that make them ideal for the jobsite. These options are sure to provide the restroom options that your construction site needs:

Standard Portable Toilet

A regular portable toilet has basic functionality that makes it a versatile toilet solution for any location. These units can be found everywhere from trails and parks to carnivals and festivals to roadside and long-term construction sites. It contains a standard toilet basin setup, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump. These units are transported by trailer and, as such, can be delivered to anywhere where a truck can go.

Crane Rack Portable Toilet

A crane rack portable toilet has the same setup inside. However, outside the unit has an attached arm that can be raised or lowered. It also has attached legs for secure lifting and level placement. This design allows for easy mobility on construction sites onto different levels. A crane can move the unit quickly from one location to another to support workers on different levels of construction sites. Additionally, the ease of moving these types of units makes them regularly serviceable regardless of primary location.

Roller Portable Toilet

A roller portable toilet unit is more transportable than a standard unit, but not as portable as a crane rack unit. As the name would suggest, these units have wheels with locking casters. This addition allows them to be rolled by employees to different locations. While this is a more portable solution than a regular porta potty, it requires that the infrastructure be in place at a construction site to allow for movement of the unit. In buildings under construction, elevators must be functional and easily accessible to transport units to different levels. That being said, they are a great option for high-rise buildings later on in the construction life cycle when spaces are enclosed.

The layout differences between crane rack units and roller units make roller portable toilets a handy solution. They feature a toilet on the inside and a urinal on the back for quicker use.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

Portable Toilet Rentals for Construction Sites

Portable rental bathrooms provide more than just convenience for employees on your job site. In fact, from a safety and hygiene standpoint, portable toilets are probably the most important staple of the construction industry. Don’t believe us? Here are the top 4 reasons to have portable toilets at your outdoor construction site:

Increased Productivity

It’s no secret that employees will have to go to the bathroom at some point during the day while working (especially in hotter weather or more demanding work environments where they’re consuming more fluids). If you don’t provide workers with a place to use the bathroom, they’ll have to leave the jobsite to do their business. While you’d probably prefer for them to wait for their break times to do so, that’s not always reasonable.

Unfortunately, when nature calls, employees answer. The result is that employees will up and leave the job to go to the nearest store, gas station, or fast food restaurant to use the bathroom. This results in lost productivity and wasted resources (fuel, time, etc.) that cost your operation money. You can easily curb this by providing regularly-serviced portable toilets at convenient locations on every jobsite. This means not only having enough units for employees, but also ensuring that they’re placed strategically to allow for easy use throughout the day as the jobsite changes.

Roller units and crane rack portable toilets allow you to place bathrooms exactly where employees need them so that they don’t have to travel across large jobsites to use the facilities. This increases productivity and also mitigates safety risks by keeping employees where they should be instead of encouraging them to move around too much.

Improved Cleanliness

Some construction sites are more remote, encouraging employees to go to the bathroom in the woods. However, when employees are left on their own to determine where to use the bathroom, the sanitation level on the jobsite plummets because workers end up using their dirty hands to eat during lunch breaks. If employees are left without a proper way to wash their hands after using the bathroom, disease can spread, resulting in increased sick time for employees.

When employees are absent, the job takes longer to complete and costs increase. This is something that no employer (or employee for that matter) wants to deal with if they don’t have to do so. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use a portable toilet supplier to provide bathrooms and hand washing options. Hand sanitizer stations and portable sinks are both great ways to keep employees and your jobsite clean.

Job Satisfaction

Ask any worker if they feel more valued when their employer provides essentials and they’ll answer with a resounding yes! While it seems silly that something like portable toilets would go so far in increasing job satisfaction, those details really do influence employees. Investing in the health and comfort of your employees is likely to increase retention and make hiring new employees easier because it establishes your business as having a reputation of caring for employees.

Professional Appearance

Providing the proper facilities makes your business look more professional to the community. The last thing you want is to have local residents and people driving by and witnessing your employees relieving themselves in public. (In fact, in some situations this is illegal and can result in substantial fines as well!) Portray your company in the right light by providing the necessary accommodations for employees so that they can do the best job possible. The end result will be better work and everyone will be more satisfied along the way!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

The Top 10 Ways to Ensure Safety on the Job Site

Job site safety is the most important topic for foremen and upper management to consider when planning contract work because it touches so many elements of the job. Injury and illness and increase costs and time while reducing worker morale and efficiency, which means that proper safety protocols ensure that workers are protected and jobs are completed successfully. That’s why worker safety is such a hot topic and so many companies and organizations invest resources into improving safety on the job. Here are some of the most effective ways to ensure job site safety:

  • Require PPE

Every job will have its own needs around personal protective equipment (PPE). Ensure that employees are fully outfitted with foot protection, hi-visibility clothing, hard hats, hearing protection, and any other safety wear that’s appropriate for the job being done. With safety footwear, be sure that all employees have boots or shoes that meet the demands of the job to avoid a catastrophic incident.

  • Post Regulations and Requirements

Workers can’t follow safety regulations if they don’t know what they are, which is why many industries require that safety guidelines be posted publicly for employees to read. Ensure compliance by readily displaying anything that your workers need to read on the job site.

  • Encourage Employees to Ask Questions

New employees and younger workers may not have the same levels of experience that older employees do, which means that it’s very important to create a culture where it’s okay to ask questions. Make sure that “green” employees feel comfortable asking for help or confirming before engaging in a task.

  • Implement Regular Safety Training

Obviously, new employees need to be trained, but even your more experienced employees can benefit from ongoing training. Incorporate training on the newest methods into the job regularly to keep employees up-to-date on recent industry changes and narrow the knowledge gap.

  • Utilize a Chain of Command

Make it clear who’s in charge on the job site so that employees know who to go to if they’re experiencing an issue. This is important for maintaining order (especially with large work crews) and centralizing safety concerns and complaints.

  • Involve Employees in New Initiatives

The best way to get employees on board with safety measures is to include them. Ask for input when safety measures are being updated and implement a feedback loop to strive for continuous improvement.

  • Reward Safe Behavior

Incentivizing safe behavior is a good way to keep employees safe on the job. Some companies take a broader “It’s been X days since an incident” approach while others reward employees individually with bonuses/perks when they’re observed following safety procedures. No matter how you choose to structure it, providing incentives for safe behavior is likely to keep employees honest with conduct even when they’re not being observed.

  • Communicate a Way to Report Violations

Whether it’s an anonymous whistleblower program, or a way to bring violations to managers without retaliation, employees need to know that they’re safe to report what they see if there’s something foul going on.

  • Take the Weather into Account

Outdoor job sites have the added stress of needing to respond to weather conditions. Always have regulations in place (regarding temperature and other conditions) around when workers should and shouldn’t be working. Keep workers sidelined when there’s lightning in the area or when temperatures are too cold or hot for work to be done safely and effectively. If you choose to have employees working in temperature extremes, be sure to provide plenty of water and breaks in hot temps and heaters in cold temps.

  • Provide On-Site Restrooms

It’s easy to forget about the danger posed by germs when you’re worried about dangers around heavy machinery and other obvious hazards, but that doesn’t make them any less serious. An outbreak of a stomach virus or other contagious disease can cripple your job site the same way a recordable accident can. If workers are out sick, you can fall behind schedule and risk burning out the rest of the workers who must make up the slack. This is why it’s so critical to have on-site restrooms with sinks and/or hand sanitizer dispensers. Giving workers a convenient place to go to the bathroom and clean up substantially reduces the likelihood of a contagious disease spreading. Without the proper facilities, employees can’t keep hands clean, which can spell disaster for your contract work (especially during cold and flu season). Using a reliable portable toilet supplier will ensure that you’re providing facilities that are regularly cleaned out and restocked for maximum hygiene.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

All About Construction Restrooms

Looking for information on construction porta potties? You’ve come to the right place! We provide portable restrooms for construction sites across Michigan, which means that we have all the information you need!


You have several options to choose from when it comes to construction bathrooms. The first option is a standard portable toilet unit. This no-frills unit has a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer dispenser inside.

Another option is a crane rack portable toilet, which has an arm that can be raised or lowered to allow for easy lifting mobility. These units have sturdy legs that are attached to enable secure crane lifting. Crane rack portable toilets are great for positioning on various levels of a buildings that are under construction or atop of any other elevated area.

Lastly, portable toilet roller units are on wheels to allow them to be moved in elevators or along level surfaces. Locking casters ensure that these units won’t move when you don’t want them to or while they’re in use. These are great for high-rise construction areas and come with a toilet and hand sanitizer dispenser inside as well as a urinal on the back.

If you don’t like the idea of having standalone units, you can always opt for a restroom trailer. Portable restroom trailers allow for 2-10 people to use the restroom simultaneously, which is a definite advantage on busy high-traffic construction sites. The interiors of these units are much more luxurious than their porta potty counterparts. Bathroom trailers are climate-controlled, have running water, flushing toilets, and many other amenities to satisfy employees in all weather.


Having onsite restrooms improves employee morale and efficiency. A clean portable restroom located at a job site sends a message that your company cares about employee needs. It also makes for a cleaner jobsite because it provides a way to do their business and then easily get germs off hands.


At a minimum, you should have 1 portable toilet unit for every 10 employees working a 40-hour work week. This means that if you have employees working more than 40 hours in a week, you should get extra capacity tanks or additional units to accommodate the extra hours on the job.
You don’t want employees having to go a distance to use the restroom because it will lead to lost productivity and animosity. The ideal distance to position a portable toilet is within 75-100 feet of the work area. This distance should be measured from where employees are actually working, not where they’re parking, entering the jobsite, or eating lunch.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

What to Consider When Renting Construction Porta Johns

You have a lot of pieces to pull together when it comes to your construction project, the least of all is worry about where your workers will be able to do their business. Before you rent just any porta potty and call it a day though, consider these three important things:

Jobsite Type

Whether it’s roadside construction, new home construction, high-rise construction, or anything in between, you need a portable restroom solution that will serve your specific needs. Most companies will just rent standard portable toilet units, but there are a lot of options to serve the specific needs of your jobsite. Sure, a regular porta potty has a non-slip floor, mounted hand sanitizer pump, and hefty 65-gallon tank that’s useful for a variety of jobsites, but there are other options as well. For instance, ADA compliant units have much more spacious interiors for jobsites where workers will be wearing bulkier protective gear and need more room to move around. Then there are restroom trailers, which provide climate controlled usage for workers that are doing their jobs in very high or very low temperatures. These trailers also provide full sinks with hot and cold water for more sanitary usage in places where having clean hands is absolutely a necessity. Furthermore, they can be used more efficiently because each trailer has multiple stalls for simultaneous usage by workers.

Placement Location

Depending on where you need portable toilets located, you may have to rent a specific model to best serve your needs. Portable toilets with crane racks allow bathrooms to be lofted to higher floors for more efficient use by people that are working off the ground. These are specifically designed for safe lifting and placement on building construction sites. Roller units are another option for high rise jobs because they can be transported in construction elevators and moved to wherever work is being performed. Both of these specialized construction porta potties are offered by portable toilet suppliers to fit the unique needs of construction areas.

Necessary Capacity

If you have a lot of people to plan for, you might need to rent extra units. Alternatively though, you could rent holding tanks for use with your existing units to increase capacity. Each tank holds 250 gallons of refuse, allowing you to get extra use out of each unit between servicing. This is particularly helpful for jobsites that are more remote, making them harder to service.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan for construction job sites of all types. Find out more and request a quote today!

Where Will You Find Kerkstra Portable Restrooms?

Kerkstra is Michigan’s go-to portable toilet supplier. Our portable restroom service is perfect for any outdoor application and events of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for porta potties, luxury restroom trailers or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered! Our professional service combined with our well-maintained units is the perfect solution for your needs. Take a look at some of the most common places to find Kerkstra portable restrooms:

Parks and Trails

If you’ve explored some of West Michigan’s best parks and walking/biking trails, you’ve likely seen Kerkstra porta potties along the way. We provide ongoing service to these public favorites to give you a clean place to go when nature calls and you’re out in nature. When we service any of our units, we pump, clean, and restock them with hand sanitizer and paper. Your comfort and cleanliness is our top priority!

Lutton Park portable toilet 2


We provide portable toilets in Grand Rapids, MI and all over the state for social events like community runs, festivals, concerts, street/block parties, and seasonal celebrations. You may see long banks of porta potties or luxury portable restrooms conveniently located at some of your favorite events. Chances are, you’ve used our restrooms and may not have even realized it!

Over the last year we have provided bathrooms for the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, Blessing of the Bikes, Electric Forest, Michigan State student fundraisers, The B-93 Birthday Bash and many more great events. We can provide daily rentals, weekend rentals or even week-long rentals depending on the length of the event – give us a call for a quote!

Event portable toilet trailer


If you’re planning an outdoor wedding this summer or fall and need rental bathrooms, look no further! We provide luxury restrooms that are fitting for happy couples on their big day. Our restroom trailers come complete with climate control, flushing toilets, running hot/cold water to wash your hands, and even special details that make bathrooms look elegant (wooden cabinetry, hanging artwork, large mirrors, and more). Dazzle your guests with our fancy portable restrooms for weddings!

Wedding portable toilet trailer

Construction Sites

Whether it’s commercial construction or residential construction, we can provide the portable toilets to fit your needs. Our construction porta potties come equipped with crane racks for lifting onto higher floors or as roller units to move via elevators. Having toilets on site ensures cleaner working conditions and less time spent away from the job. Improve your productivity with portable toilets and urinals for workers. Contact us for pricing!

Construction portable toilet 1


Our G.A.P. compliant solutions are specific to the agricultural community – aiming to improve sanitation during food handling on farms and in packaging. Our porta potty trailer units have hand washing stations, bilingual instructions, and service record paperwork that you’ll need during an inspection. We will deliver and service these units regularly so that you can remain in compliance with G.A.P. standards. Our agricultural porta potties help keep Michigan-grown food safe and residents healthy!

Agriculture portable toilet
Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We provide portable restroom service for construction sites, agricultural applications, events, weddings and much more!