Potty Like a Rockstar – Bathroom Remodel Edition

If you’ve been following our Potty Like a Rockstar series, you know that we’ve been highlighting reasons to rent luxury restroom trailers. In this edition we’re talking about bathroom remodels.

It might surprise you to learn that the winter is a great time to remodel a bathroom. Tradespeople are typically less busy during the holidays, which means that you can often complete the project faster and for less than you would at other times during the year. While you shouldn’t simply look for the lowest quote possible to do the job, contractors, electricians, and plumbers will sometimes work with you more on labor rates when they have excess capacity. Additionally, since you already have time off around the holidays, you may be able to put in some sweat equity to reduce costs. Determining which improvements you can do yourself is a great way to save money on the remodel. If your work schedule permits, you may even be able to act as the GC (general contractor) yourself to save even more. Either way, being around for part or all of the project and pitching in will make you feel more connected to the end result, like you’ve done something you can be proud of.

Since family and friends usually exchange gifts for the holidays, you can put practical items on your wish list to tie your remodel in with the holidays. Why get gifts you don’t want or need when you can ask for fixtures, flooring, decorations, or other bathroom must-haves instead?

However, if you’re going to undergo a remodel, you’ll need to plan for a backup bathroom for your family regardless of the time of the year. Any temporary bathroom you get better be climate controlled during the winter or you’ll end up with a very grumpy family! A luxury portable restroom fits the bill by offering toilets, sinks, and showers to give your family the same amenities as home with a nice, warm interior. The inside is also aesthetically appealing, providing a cozy and familiar feel for family members. Our master bathroom trailer looks great from the outside as well, which means your neighbors won’t mind seeing it for the duration of the remodel.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

4 Michigan Bathroom Remodel Must-Haves

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming when looking at contractors, layouts, finishes, and other options. Before you take the plunge, put these must-haves at the top of your list. Any bathroom remodel in Michigan needs these four essential items:

  • Permits

While this isn’t Michigan-specific, it’s always a good reminder. If you’re planning major bathroom renovations (i.e. anything other than some cosmetic updates), you’ll need to secure the applicable work permits. If you hire a professional contractor, he/she will typically be responsible for securing these on your behalf. However, if you’re DIY-ing it, you’ll need to file the right paperwork and get your permits issued before any work begins. Failing to get permits can result in fines, lawsuits, and big headaches later, so it’s critical to take this first step at the beginning.

  • Spare Bathroom

If your bathroom is going to be out of commission while work is being done, always secure a bathroom trailer rental in advance to keep your family comfortable throughout the process. Master bathroom trailers come equipped with flushing toilets, sinks with running hot/cold water, as well as showers. These luxury portable restrooms provide all the comforts of your home bathroom! Even if you anticipate your remodel to be done quickly, renting a restroom trailer ensures that everyone in your home will remain happy if the renovation takes longer than planned due to unforeseen project delays.

  • Cold Weather Luxuries

It’s cold more than half the year in Michigan, which means that “luxuries” like heated floors and towel warmers are really more like must-haves. Depending on your budget and space availability, you may even opt for big upgrades like a sauna room or a steam shower to keep you extra cozy on those cold winter nights and early mornings.

Remember that doing all the renovations you want at once is always going to be less expensive than having multiple rounds of remodels. So, if your budget is going to keep you from getting everything you want in your bathroom, it’s probably best to hold off until you can afford all the changes you’d like.

  • Bringing the Outdoors Inside

One of the biggest benefits of living in Michigan is the beautiful outdoors. Bringing the look of Michigan’s rich outdoor scenery inside is a must-have for any bathroom aesthetic ranging from new age modern to rustic vintage. Things like barn wood doors and reclaimed wooden cabinetry are reminiscent of the outdoors in a way that’s stylish and beautiful. Other materials like stone and river rock accomplish the same look in a wide variety of locations from backsplashes to shower floors.

Including additional windows or expanding the size of existing windows is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. As an added bonus, it increases natural light, brightening up the space in a way that’s cost-effective.

If you don’t want to commit to a natural look for the long-term, you can always incorporate artwork into your finished bathroom to give a natural look to the space that’s changeable.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

Should You Remodel Your Bathroom in the Winter?

A bathroom remodel is the last thing on most people’s minds this time of the year. However, if you’re thinking about remodeling, now is really the perfect time to get started. Find out why the winter is a wonderful time to do bathroom improvements or a full-scale remodel.

Cold Weather

While cold weather is often the main reason people cite for not wanting to do winter-time renovations, it’s also the best reason to do them then. If you plan on doing a bunch of major renovations this year on your house, vacation home, or investment property, you can’t make exterior changes during cold snowy months, which means that you should be doing interior projects now. That way, when it warms up you can focus your efforts on the exterior of your house.

There are plenty of products (like negative pressure fans) that contractors can use to contain fumes and dust to keep your home livable while the work is done. Your family won’t have to sacrifice air quality and safety to have work done in the winter.


Interior design companies often book appointments months in advance during the busy season. But in the winter, they have much more availability!

Trades like electricians and plumbers as well as contractors experience the same seasonal business, which means that during the winter you’re more likely to get your choice of companies to work on your project. Fewer clients during the winter months also means that you’ll have more dedicated attention for your project. This means more responsiveness when you have questions or issues, which can be a huge benefit when your project scope is larger.

You can also rent a master bathroom trailer year-round for your family to use if your bathroom will be inaccessible during the renovations. Since these trailers typically book up quickly during the spring and summer months, you’ll likely have an easier time finding one to rent in the winter.


All projects are made up of materials costs and labor costs, both of which can vary substantially by season. In the winter, materials like lumber and windows often drop in price as manufacturers and suppliers try to get rid of older inventory. These close-out deals can mean big savings on your project, or the ability to get more premium products for the same cost. This is probably the biggest reason people decide to undertake extensive bathroom and kitchen remodels during the winter.


Anyone who has ever had substantial work done on their home knows that waiting for approvals on permits can stall a project like nothing else! In the winter, government agencies are less busy, which means faster turnaround time on permits. The result is a shortened project duration, which is always a win for homeowners.

Vacation Time

Most people already get time off around the holidays. Put this time to good use by doing something productive around the house so that way you can use the rest of your vacation time in warmer months to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

As a bonus, you might be able to deter family from visiting after the holidays if they know that you’ll be doing home renovation projects while they’re there. Maybe.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

The Most Common Home Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom renovations look so easy on TV – you simply imagine your dream bathroom, place some tile or paint an accent wall yourself, go shopping for glamourous finishes, and then you’re all done! Easy breezy, right? Well, not quite! There are a lot of mistakes that can happen along the way (which can end up being costly and potentially dangerous) if you don’t take the time to do everything right. Here are the top bathroom renovation mistakes you might encounter:

  1. Skipping the Planning Stage
  2. Even if you’re not doing a complete bathroom overhaul, you still need to plan everything that you’re doing down to the last detail. Without laying everything out ahead of time and giving careful consideration to the choices that you’re making, you’re bound to end up with a situation where your shower door opens into your toilet, your new vessel sink runs into your existing cabinetry, or something else–. You want to ensure maximum functionality with your bathroom remodel.

    It’s also important to budget appropriately for the work that needs to be done. While planning, you should decide what you want to do now and what can wait until later. Figure out which upgrades will be most cost-effective to do all at once time instead of needing to have trades come out more than once. Finally, leave an emergency fund to cover and surprises that you may encounter.

  3. Trying to Do It All Yourself
  4. Doing the work yourself might seem more budget-friendly, but doing the job right the first time will always be less expensive. That’s why it’s so critical to bring in professional plumbers and electricians that know what they’re doing! Instead of tackling the biggest and most difficult things yourself, hire the pros – they’ll do the job safely and likely finish more quickly than you could on your own. Plus, they’re work will be guaranteed in a way that your own sweat equity won’t be.

  5. Ignoring Water Damage
  6. Many older bathrooms have at least some amount of water damage from leaks or overflows that’s gone unresolved for some time. If you find any water damage, stop immediately and bring in a restoration expert or disaster clean up company to assess the damage and clean it up properly. Where there’s water damage there’s likely also mold. If not cleaned up properly, mold can spread quickly and make you and your family sick. More serious water damage can also cause structural damage, leaving your bathroom unsafe to use. You may end up having to dip into your emergency fund to get water damage fixed, but this is one area that you can’t afford to skip.

  7. Overspending on Finishes
  8. Bathroom finishes (cabinets, hardware, sinks, tile, etc.) can vary widely in prices. Just selecting the first thing that catches your eye is a common remodeling mistake that can result in blowing your budget. Instead of just shopping with your heart, shop your brain as well. Look for deals and less expensive alternatives to your dream finishes to save some money and keep your remodel budget on track.

  9. Not Having a Backup Bathroom
  10. A lot of times people will undertake a bathroom renovation and overlook how being short a bathroom will affect their families’ lives during the process. This is especially true when it comes to renovating a master bathroom. Sure, you may have another full bathroom where everyone can get showered and you can bathe the kids, but forcing the whole family to share is a recipe for disaster. Loud messy kids, family members that take forever getting ready in the morning, and normal bathroom smells are bound to be amplified when extra people share. Instead of driving your family crazy, rent a master bathroom trailer to keep everyone happy. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did! Our master bathroom model of luxury restroom trailer comes with separate bathroom stalls that each have sinks, toilets, and showers so that multiple people can get ready at the same time.

    Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

5 Situations When Portable Toilets are a Must-Have

When most people think of portable toilet rentals, they usually think of sporting events, parades and other outdoor functions. However, portable toilet rentals are must-haves for other occasions as well. We commonly work with people who need a portable restroom service for the following situations:

  1. Large Parties
  2. If you’re having a party with a lot of people, you don’t want them all going in and out of your house to use the bathroom – especially if there are going to be a lot of kids. Renting portable toilets or a luxury portable restroom trailer is a great way to minimize foot traffic through your home. It also provides a more convenient solution for party goers because it increases the number of toilets available, which means less waiting for the bathroom.

  3. Weddings
  4. Some outdoor wedding locations do not have restrooms available for guests, which is why luxury portable toilets make appearances at all of the best rustic outdoor venues throughout wedding season. Typically brides and grooms-to-be prefer restroom trailers over porta potties because of their versatility and aesthetics but both serve guests needs and are available at different price points.

  5. Fundraisers
  6. Fundraising events are more successful when participants are comfortable, which is why food and beverages are served at most fundraising functions. But with all of that food and drink, comes the need for clean, elegant, luxury portable restrooms. Having all of the basic pieces in place for patrons to enjoy the event will ensure that your fundraiser is a hit!

  7. Concerts & Festivals
  8. Prolonged outdoor events like weekend concerts and festivals necessitate not only portable toilets but also portable showers to keep event goers clean and festivities fun. Luxury restroom trailers can come equipped with just contain toilets and sinks or with full bathroom stalls that include hot/cold showers as well. These are preferred for events where pass holders are permitted to camp out for the event in tents because they are a very sanitary option.

  9. Bathroom Remodel Projects
  10. If your bathroom is being remodeled, you will need a temporary bathroom on the premises to use in the interim. Luxury restrooms let you feel like you still have access to your master bathroom throughout the duration of the project. You won’t hear complaints from your family if they have access to a restroom trailer with hot/cold running water and a flushing toilet while their regular bathroom is unavailable.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for states around the Great Lakes. We’d love to be a part of your next event – request a quote today!