Tips for Renting Porta Potties

New to renting portable toilets? Don’t stress! Our tips for renting porta potties will give you the info you need to make rental decisions like a seasoned event planning pro. Remember, unlike other types of event rentals, portable toilets have the potential to ruin your event if they go wrong. Having too few, getting them […]

Everything You Want to Know About Porta Potties

Are you ready to find out everything you ever wanted to know about porta potties but were too afraid to ask? As a portable restroom service company, we get asked a lot of strange questions. But for every question we get asked there are probably five more that people are too embarrassed to ask. But […]

Porta Potties for Outdoor Events – Are They Essential?

Open air events call for portable toilets anyways, but their popularity has surged during COVID. Why are porta potties for outdoor events up in popularity these days? Cleanliness Porta potties for outdoor events are potentially the cleanest choice in event restrooms these days. Wait, porta johns are the cleaner option? Say what?! Many event planners […]

Ode to a Porta Potty

An ode to a porta potty? You got that right! …Hear us out, we’re not crazy. Something strange has been happening over the last year and here at Kerkstra Services we’re in the perfect position to witness it firsthand. People miss porta potties. Don’t laugh. It’s true. A guy named Alex Cortez even wrote an […]

How Often Does a Portable Toilet Need to Be Pumped?

When porta potties are serviced the waste is removed, odor neutralizing blue liquid is re-added to the tanks, and supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer are stocked. That’s how they’re serviced, but the question remains, how often does a portable toilet need to be pumped out? The general rule of thumb for porta potties […]

What to do with a Tipped Porta Potty Rental

A tipped porta potty is a serious problem! What should you do if your portable toilet flips over? First, we should start by saying that it’s very rare for a porta potty to get tipped over when it’s being used properly. Really the only way a portable toilet can tip over is if suboptimal conditions […]

Should You Hire a Local Portable Toilet Company?

When you’re looking for portable restrooms, should you hire a local portable toilet company or go with a national company? First time renters often want to pick a big national brand. They feel more confident that a big company will have lots of units to rent. They may also believe that the company will be […]

How Can I Find Portable Toilet Rentals Near Me?

Looking for a portable toilet supplier for your upcoming event? You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I even find portable toilet rentals near me anyways?” The four best ways to get recommendations for a portable toilet supplier are to: Look Online Keep in mind that unlike other vendors, like caterers or DJs, there aren’t going […]

Do Porta Potties Freeze in the Winter?

Do porta potties freeze in the winter? Nope! The super blue additive contained in the waste holding tanks keeps the water from freezing. (That’s the blue liquid you’re used to seeing down there.) And it’s a good thing that <a href=””>portable toilet suppliers</a> have this miracle liquid because after a few hours of below freezing […]

Are Restroom Trailers Cleaner than Porta Potties?

People often worry about how clean portable toilets are. They are quick to make assumptions about which types of units are better to use. Some people ask us, “Are restroom trailers cleaner than porta potties?” when looking at their rental options. They are concerned about giving their guests the best possible outdoor restroom options and […]