Upcoming at Kerkstra This Summer

While some event organizers are still in “wait and see” mode, others are already scurrying to rebook their events had to be postponed earlier this year. We’re already seeing inquiries and portable toilet rental bookings coming in for later this year and into 2021 as companies, groups, and individuals adapt their event plans. We don’t […]

What’s Next for Events in 2020

This is a spring like we’ve never seen before. The Stay Home order has canceled and postponed many Michigan festivities until later this year. As you can imagine, this has made planning events in 2020 very difficult for amateurs and pros alike across the state! But the Stay Home order from the Governor won’t last […]

Portable Restrooms for a Wedding

If you’re looking to rent portable restrooms for your wedding, this may be your first experience working with a portable toilet supplier. Don’t fret! We have all the information needed to help you out as you weigh your rental options. Portable restrooms for weddings come in a few different varieties: Small Trailers Our 2-stall, 3-stall, […]

Renting Porta Potties for Beginners

Looking to rent porta potties for the first time? You’ve come to the right place! We have a reputation for helping both experienced and amateur event planners rent the kind of facilities that will turn heads. Find out what you should be thinking ahead of time, what kinds of questions you should ask, and how […]

Options for People Who Don’t Like Porta Potties

We’re not foolish, we know some people don’t like portable toilets. In fact, some people hate portable toilets. (Other people are even afraid of them!). So, if you don’t enjoy seeing that tank of blue liquid, don’t fret. There are still portable bathroom options that will work for your needs. For instance, you can enjoy […]

Winter Portable Toilet Options Explained

Looking for portable restrooms this winter? If you have an upcoming event, you need to understand what your options are so that you can make the best decision for your event and your budget. Your winter portable toilet options include: Luxury Restroom Trailers Luxury portable toilets are the best option for winter events because they […]

Where Should Porta Potties Go?

When renting portable restrooms, understanding where to place them is just as important as knowing how many to rent. Some renters assume they’ll just stick them all together away from everything else and call it a day. However, putting portable bathrooms in the wrong place can result in dissatisfied guests, unnecessarily long lines, safety risks, […]

Renting Enough Bathrooms for Your Event

Everyone planning an outdoor event wonders if they’re renting enough bathrooms. In fact, the #1 question we get is “How many bathrooms do I need for my event?” Having too few restrooms can spell disaster, especially at events for kids and families. But, renting too many restrooms needlessly drives up event expenses. Finding a balance […]

Portable Restrooms for Weddings & Other Pro Tips

As a portable toilet supplier, we service a wide range of event types every year, but some of our favorite events are outdoor weddings. With as many ceremonies and receptions as we’ve serviced with our portable restrooms for weddings, we’ve talked to a lot of experienced wedding planners. So, we’ve learned a lot and seen […]

The Top Event Planning Portable Restroom Questions to Ask

If you’re planning an event, you likely have a lot of questions for all your vendors, especially your portable restroom suppler. Experienced event planners seem to be the only ones who don’t have lots of questions when it comes to renting portable restrooms. How Many Restrooms do I Need? As a general rule of thumb, […]