How to Find the Best Porta Potty Company

If you’re looking for a portable toilet supplier for your next event, these tips will help you find the best porta potty company for the best price:

Get References

Ask professional event planners who they recommend for outdoor events. They will have the best handle on which portable restroom service companies have the best reputations and prices. They can also advise on which ones to stay away from if they’ve ever had a bad experience. This is your best bet for finding the best porta potty company!

Another strategy is to find out which portable restroom businesses have been used at similar events in the past. You can ask the event coordinators themselves if you happen to know who organized them. Otherwise, you can do reconnaissance work to get this information yourself. Attending local events in person is an easy way to see which company other event planners are using. For past events looking through online photo albums can shed some light on which vendors are being used most often.

Go Local

Amateur and inexperienced event planners typically assume that national portable toilet companies will provide the best price because they can operate at scale. However, national companies simply contract with local portable toilet businesses to provide the units for events that they book. Adding a middleman drives up their prices, making them more expensive than using a local provider directly. If this isn’t reason enough, supporting the local economy is always an added bonus to working with a company that’s right in your back yard.

Read Reviews

Search online for reviews to see what people are saying about past experiences. Check Google, Yelp, and Facebook to see what other people have to say about the portable toilet suppliers you’re considering. Depending on where you live, there may also be online local forums or recommendation boards that you can check to find the best porta potty company .


Talk to your personal connections – friends, family, and colleagues. You never know who may have had had an experience with renting portable toilets. You can ask people in person or post online to easily solicit recommendations across a wider network.

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