5 Things You Need to Figure Out Before Renting Portable Restrooms

Looking to rent portable restrooms for an upcoming event? Look no further! We have the luxury restroom trailers and porta potties to make your event run smoothly. But before you rent portable restrooms, you’ll need to have these details figured out:


Knowing how many people will be in attendance is key. You can start planning how many units you’ll need once you know how many people to expect.

There is typically a guest list of planned attendees for private events. However, you may not have a firm headcount when booking because some portable toilet suppliers need significant advance notice. In this case, provide the total number of people invited so that you’ll have enough bathrooms for everyone. While an exact number of attendees isn’t necessary, having an estimate is important. This will ensure enough bathrooms are available for everyone.

In the case of public events, it’s difficult to determine how many people will attend. Using past attendance numbers typically gives a good estimate. (To be on the safe side, adding a 10% buffer should ensure that there are enough bathrooms.) For new events, always overestimate to be on the safe side. Remember, you can never have too many portable bathrooms, but you can definitely have too few!


Figure out when your event will be held. It’s always best to pick a preferred date and a back up date in case the vendors you’re working with are booked on your first-choice. When setting a date, consider any holidays and local events that might conflict. Check with attendees as well to see if they have any conflicts.


Know how long your event will be. For longer events, portable bathrooms may need to be serviced. Emptying waste tanks and refilling supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer will keep the units ready for continued use. Many people assume that portable restroom service is only needed for multi-day events like a weekend music festival. However, longer events may need this maintenance also when fewer individual units are being used. Have your portable restroom provider make recommendations.


Figuring out where your event will be held is vital to securing a portable restroom supplier. Some companies only serve certain states, counties, or metropolitan areas. For instance, we have different service areas for porta potties and luxury restrooms. Our restroom trailers travel further than our standard porta potties, making their service area wider.

Some portable bathroom providers will travel outside of their regular service areas for an added fee to cover transportation costs.


Knowing which amenities are important for your event will help you determine what type of units will be best. For events where a simple toilet is required, standard porta potties work well. However, luxury portable restrooms are better when additional features are required. These restrooms include heat/AC, running water, interior lighting, and other benefits.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!