Avoiding Wedding Budget Busters

The cost of weddings continues to increase, causing more brides to look for budget-friendly wedding options. Even couples that have the money in the bank to throw a lavish wedding often look for places where they can save some cash so that they can set aside funds for a honeymoon and/or home purchase later on.

If you’re looking for ways to create your dream wedding on a budget, there are some costly items that you should avoid. But the good news is that there are clever options that you can choose for your big day instead. Consider these budget buster alternatives as you plan your upcoming wedding:

Wedding Venue

A lot of people think that they need to book an expensive wedding venue to have an elegant formal wedding, but more and more the these days the trend is to have your wedding at a more rustic venue and make it luxurious with the items that you bring in. Having your wedding at a farm or on the coast is a great way to save money and can feel much more personal than having your wedding at a professional wedding venue. By bringing in a large tent, catering and luxury portable restroom trailers, you can create the same elegance of a formal event in a much more unique setting.


Wedding favors are big business these days, with the average favor costing anywhere from $3-8 per person, which can really add up if you’re having a large wedding. Instead of buying wedding favors, making small favors for each of your guests is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding while saving money.


Just like the wedding favors, your table centerpieces can be homemade creations that will look great and save you money. Pillar candles are a popular choice, as are natural materials like seashells or pinecones (depending on the season). You can go online to find great ideas or brose your local craft store for bargains that will look great on table tops.


Instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can encourage guests to take the pictures for your wedding albums. Let’s face it, your friends and family will be taking pictures anyway, so why not encourage them by having a digital camera station where guests can take pictures of each other and the happy newlyweds? You’ll save money and your guests will have a lot of fun taking part your the memories.


Many brides go all out with their wedding dresses – splurging on expensive white gowns that they will just wear once. However, some brides choose to buy a wedding dress that they can wear again because they want to be able to recapture the feeling that they had on their wedding day again at other formal occasions. Don’t be afraid to go against tradition and choose a wedding dress that isn’t white – find a color and style that will make you want to wear it again and again. Selecting a nice party dress instead of a wedding gown can free up a lot of room in the budget!

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