Are Restroom Trailers Cleaner than Porta Potties?

People often worry about how clean portable toilets are. They are quick to make assumptions about which types of units are better to use. Some people ask us, “Are restroom trailers cleaner than porta potties?” when looking at their rental options. They are concerned about giving their guests the best possible outdoor restroom options and want to provide a sanitary solution. 


When it comes to <a href=”http://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/event-restroom-trailers/”> luxury restroom trailers</a> and porta johns, these two types of bathrooms actually have more similarities than you would imagine in the way of cleanliness. All these units are thoroughly cleaned after every rental. They arrive at their next location squeaky clean. As a result, both should continue to be pretty clean if they are serviced regularly. Does that give you more peace of mind? They have the same chance of getting dirty from people using them as traditional bathrooms. This makes them no dirtier or cleaner than typical bathrooms really.

Added Luxury

Often people will give feedback that luxury restroom trailers seem cleaner. Waste is flushed down and sinks provide running water for hand washing, improving their perceived cleanliness. We love that these units set users at ease. That means we’re doing our job of delivering high-quality restroom options that people want to use. However, these amenities are not entirely unique to bathroom trailers. Some porta potties have these same capabilities also, providing this peace of mind with standalone units.


The other thing to consider is how many people have used them since they were last cleaned or how long they have been in use. Logically, any variety of restrooms will get dirtier when they have been at high capacity events rather than seldom used. That means that the determining factor of which is cleaner is likely due to the type of event they’re serving.


Placement also affects how quickly they get dirty. Portable bathrooms located on hiking trails or farms will probably be dirtier than those located in a paved parking lot. Their environment is just naturally dirtier so there’s not much people can do to avoid tracking in dirt and mud.

So, the answer to the question, “Are restroom trailers cleaner than porta potties?” is, it depends. Both have the capacity to be very clean outdoor bathroom options. Similarly, both will get dirty when they are heavily used, not serviced frequently, or used in dirty locations.

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