An Introduction to Porta Potty Options

Need a portable restroom? You’ve come to the right place!

This introduction will help you discern the differences between various porta potty options to help you find the right unit(s) for your event.

These are the options you have when renting portable toilets:

    • Standard Units

A standard porta potty (aka “porta john” or “port a potty”) is probably what you think of when someone uses the term “portable toilet.” These don’t really need much of an introduction because most people have used one at some point in their lives.

It’s a basic no-frills unit that includes a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump. It’s not climate controlled and doesn’t include any lights. Unfortunately, this can make it an uncomfortable choice depending on the season or time of day that you’re using it. On the flip side, it also makes it a very convenient choice for places like parks and trails where there isn’t a power supply to fuel it, but there is a need for a bathroom solution. Simply put, it gets the job done!

    • Handicapped Accessible Units

Handicapped accessible portable toilets are ADA-compliant, which means that they’re able to be used by individuals in wheelchairs. These are a popular choice for public events because not only do they expand accessibility, but they’re also more convenient for people to use with kids. In the same way that they can accommodate a wheelchair with their ground-level access and spacious interior, they can also accommodate a stroller.

Like a standard unit, they also typically include a non-flushable toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump. They are also considered a no-frills unit, but their roomy interiors make them more versatile than their smaller standard counterparts. For sporting events, handicapped accessible portable toilets allow enough room for athletes to change into and out of uniforms with all their gear.

    • Elite Units

An elite portable toilet is the next step up from a standard porta potty because it offers a flushable toilet and small sink with running water. The flushing mechanism isn’t the same as what you would find in your home bathroom (because that requires plumbing and power), but it pushes waste down so you don’t have to see it floating in blue liquid or sitting atop a mound like you do in a normal porta potty.

The sink is low-flow built-in that is a little bit reminiscent of what you would find on an airplane. But even though it doesn’t have rushing hot and cold water like your home sink, it’s still a step above using hand sanitizer because it’s accompanied by hand soap and paper towels for a more effective sanitizing option.

    • Restroom Trailers

Luxury restroom trailers are essentially the royal version of portable toilets! You’ll feel like a king or queen using them (and probably forget you’re attending an outdoor event as well).

These come equipped with climate-controlled interiors, flushing toilets, hot/cold running water, and fancy décor. They make use of wooden cabinetry, large mirrors, spacious countertops, recessed lighting, faux plants, hanging wall art, accent rugs, and other style accents to give the appearance of a swanky master bath or hotel bathroom. Depending on the unit, each stall may have a separate entrance from the outside or designated men’s and women’s sections that exit to the outside, which contain private stalls in each section.

Now that you’ve been briefed on your options when it comes to portable toilets, keep in mind that you can also rent hand washing stations, hand sanitizer stations, and high-capacity waste tanks to customize your rental solutions further.

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