All About Farm Portable Toilets

If you’re looking for information about portable toilets for farms, then look no further! We’ll tell you which types of portable restrooms work best for farms and why you can’t use just any porta potty. You can trust that we know what we’re talking about because we provide agricultural portable restrooms for farms in over 12 counties across West Michigan. Simply put, we know bathrooms and we know the local agricultural community!

GAP and Portable Toilets

First thing’s first, let’s discuss why farms need portable toilets anyways. For campers and outdoor lovers, a farm may look like it has plenty of opportunities to duck behind a tree or tall crop and do your business, but the reality is that farms have to be incredibly clean to avoid contaminated crops. This is where the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) program comes into play. In order to reduce the risk of produce contamination, clean practices were established that farms have to follow to prove state and national compliance. GAP focuses on keeping farms clean so that their produce is clean as well. The ultimate goal with GAP is to keep people safe and ensure confidence in the national agricultural industry, which is something that benefits both growers and also consumers. For more in-depth information on GAP, visit our article GAP Explained.

To keep workers (and therefore crops) clean, farms need to have the right sanitary facilities in place. This is where portable toilets come into play. Having readily accessible restrooms gives workers a place to go to the bathroom, wash up, and return to work clean enough to do their job safely. So what exactly sets GAP compliant portable toilets apart from your average porta john?

Farm Porta Potty Features

Agricultural portable restrooms have a variety of farm-specific features. First of all, units are housed on small portable trailers to allow them to be easily moved from one area of the property to another. This is important because larger farms may have workers picking and processing produce in different locations from day to day. Farm portable bathrooms are easy to move and get into spaces that a tractor can get to but a portable toilet delivery truck wouldn’t be able to access.

Additionally, they are outfitted with special features like sinks with running water and soap dispensers. This ensures that workers are given the resources needed to adequately wash their hands before eating lunch, after using the restroom, etc. Frequently they also have special bilingual signage that instructs workers on proper hand washing protocols.
The units, like any other portable toilet, are serviced regularly by a reputable portable toilet supplier to ensure cleanliness. Service records are diligently kept in each unit, which is important because that’s required for GAP compliance.
Now that you know why agricultural portable toilets are so important, we bet you’ll look at that form porta potty differently the next time you pass by one!

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