Agricultural Portable Toilets – Essential or Luxury?

It’s no secret that farmers are frugal people, which means that before they invest in something, they tend to do their


research. After studying their options, they typically only spend money where it’ll be a sound investment for the farm.

So, are portable toilets really necessary for agricultural operations?

Simply put – yes!

Agricultural portable toilets are a must-have for any farm operations for two very important reasons:

GAP Compliance

Compliance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program requires growers and packers maintain sanitary conditions on the job. This means having easy access to restrooms and hand washing stations is absolutely essential! Agricultural portable toilets have the added benefits of containing service records and being on trailers for easy movement. This makes them trackable and portable, checking boxes for both GAP requirements and farm practicality.
While GAP is not required by the state or federal government, voluntarily participating is highly encouraged and sometimes even incentivized. Farms abiding by GAP principles have a higher likelihood of producing safe and healthy crops as well as earning public confidence.

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Attracting Visitors

Farms that admit the public to farm stands, u-pick areas, hay rides, and other attractions will always benefit substantially from providing restrooms. Offering bathrooms encourages more families to visit and allows people to prolong their visits. This is especially important for farms that want to establish themselves as local destinations for fun activities. Cutting corners when providing restroom options leaves people with no other choice than to leave or quickly duck behind a tree when they need to do their business.

Another consideration is whether to offer handicapped accessible bathrooms. ADA compliant restrooms are wheelchair accessible and allow more space for families with young children. Typically, it’s a good idea to provide one of these in an area where guests will park or near a visitor’s center to make your public farm areas more welcoming to guests at all ability levels.

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