A Rise in Portable Toilet Rentals Signals an Economic Recovery

As we wrap up our busy summer season, it’s clear that overall consumer spending is coming back as strong as previous years. How do we know that? It’s simple, portable restrooms are being rented again. Wait, what does a rise in portable toilet rentals have to do with the economy? We’ll tell you!

Disposable Income

In general, the more money people have, the more they’re willing to spend. This is a simple concept. However, that’s not actually the entire story. Increased spending also requires a positive economic outlook. In times of economic instability or uncertainty people are more likely to save.

So, even though friends and family may be getting together for a birthday celebration or block party, they likely won’t be including things like catered food, live entertainment, and portable restroom rentals. Instead, they scale back these functions by opting for more budget-friendly options.

However, when spending increases, people are more likely to spend money on non-essentials. They are also more willing to upgrade to better versions of the purchases they would make anyways. Premium products soar in popularity and luxury items enjoy their heyday.

During these times, we see continued demand for regular porta potty rentals. However, these are accompanied by a surge in demand for luxury restrooms. So, when there’s a rise in portable toilet rentals in the form of luxury restroom trailers, it’s safe to say that the economy is on an upswing.

Life Events

Even during difficult economic times people don’t stop living their lives. They still graduate from school, get married, have children, stay active in their communities, and so on. Celebrations still occur for these life milestones and priorities.

When times are tough, these events are scaled back, but when times are good, they are ratcheted up a notch. Luxury restrooms are one place where people spend more for a better-quality product when they’re organizing outdoor events. So, when rentals of luxury portable toilets increase, we know the local economy is booming.  

Reasons to Celebrate

A better economy also provides more chances to celebrate. Companies hiring and rewarding employees. Schools celebrating their students. Organizations and foundations soliciting donations. Sports teams competing in tournaments. These are all more common in a strong economy. The celebrations that accompany these are all popular locations for portable restrooms. So, when we see rentals for corporate events, universities, black tie events, non-profit fundraisers, and sporting events, that’s another indicator of a strong economy. 

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