A Porta Potty Home? You Heard Right!

Image source credit: University Fox

TK Devine is the man behind a revolutionary new idea – the porta potty home. In 2012 he lost his job and declared himself “home free,” moving into his car to save money. It was there that he witnessed firsthand the burgeoning homeless population around him.

Over the course of the last 8 years, the homeless population in LA has risen by 75% and TK decided to do something about it. He got the idea of turning a handicapped accessible portable toilet into a fully-fledged home and starting a business to scale this idea to help others living on the streets. With full-time employees and volunteers, he’s begun growing his business and seeking community buy-in.

Each porta potty home that he helps to build includes the bare necessities – a toilet, bed, shower, space for clothes, stove, and running water. His home idea capitalizes on the popularity of tiny homes with the practicality and frugality of a portable toilet unit.

TK’s personal unit also includes furnishings like a potted plant, books, pictures, and a window. These homey touches make his home feel like just that – home sweet home.

So, why porta potties and not another type of easily producible little home? TK explains, “Because creating a functional, sustainable, dignified, and aesthetically pleasing home, out of the last place people would consider a home means we can make a home out of anything.”

While his business would have to expand substantially to make it all the way to Michigan, we applaud his creativity to use porta potties in a unique and exciting way. Props to you, TK, and good luck in your future porta potty endeavors!
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